13 Destination to Visit in Padang West Sumatra Indonesia

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Exciting holiday will be experienced if you visit the tourist attractions are spread throughout Padang and West Sumatra in general. There are many interesting tourist objects that you can visit here. Popularity this place most have sounded to foreign countries. Even one of the world famous movie player, has a villa in the famous exotic beaches in West Sumatra. Here’s a guide holiday visit 13 interesting sights that certainly favored by travelers who want to visit the area of ​​Padang and surrounding areas.tourist in the paddock

As for tourism in West Sumatra city of Padang and surrounding areas include:

1. Lake Maninjau. Location Agam regency of West Sumatra can visit by car for 3 hours from the city of Padang. Distance of about 140 kilometers to the north. This beautiful lake is the third largest in the region of Sumatra island, after Lake Toba which is a tourist attraction and the pride of the city of Medan Singkarak lake.
2. Lake Singkarak. These attractions are very famous in the world, especially after successfully organized a bicycle race known as the Tour de Singkarak. The location is the largest lake in West Sumatra include two districts namely Solok and Tanah Datar.    
3. Bukit Tinggi. The city became second only to the famous city of Padang. This historic place is a city that was once the capital of emergency Indonesia in 1948.    
4. Clock Tower in Bukit Tinggi. One of the tourist icon of the city of Padang is located gadang hours in the square a high hill.    

5. Sianok canyon. Steep valleys with deep ravines is very beautiful natural objects. The 15 kilometer long canyon with a depth of 100 meter ravine. This canyon is part Semangko fault.   

6. Aia Tajun Anai Valley. Padang community calls this natural attractions as Aia Tajun meaning waterfall. Height of about 35 meters and the water discharge never shrink. The layout of this object in Nagari Singgalang, Tanah Datar. The distance is about 60 kilometers or 1 hour away by car.

7. Pagaruyung palace in stone cage. The building is typical of houses in West Sumatra Minangkabau called. Pagaruyung location of the palace is still in Tanah Datar.   

8. Harau Valley attractions. Padang region was known as the region of a thousand canyon. And one of the famous is this Harau valley. The altitude of nearly 150 meters and is located in Payakumbuh.    Sikuai. Objects are very famous for its beautiful white sand beaches is similar to green beach bowl which became a favorite tourist spot in Bali.

9. Sikuai island is located very close to the city of Padang. You simply cross from the dock airud Bungus and takes about 35 minutes.    

10. Tourist attractions Langkisau hill. Cool temperate location because it has an altitude of 1000 feet above sea level. If you are on vacation here, you should try the exciting paragliding. You can visit the Mount Langkisau residing in the Painan.    

11. Cubadak Island. The location of this place is located on the south coast. Here there is a very beautiful luxury resort. It is said that the resort is managed by a foreign citizen.    

12. Surfing in Mentawai of West Sumatra Coast. Distance tourist attraction is approximately 135 kilometers from the city of Padang. If you use a ferry, it takes about 7 hours. The journey is quite tiring. But if you’ve arrived here, tired feels lost. Very spectacular beauty. No wonder famous people (actors and actresses) from abroad like visiting Mentawai ever excited because earthquake.

13. Twin Lakes. In Lembang Jaya districts that are in Solok, there are two lakes adjacent to a distance of about 250 meters. Name each of these interesting objects is the “Lake Above” and “Under the Lake”. If you depart from the city of Padang only takes about one hour in the direction of Solok. It is said that this lake is the preferred place for young couples. This condition is similar to a tourist attraction in Bandung, Situ.

Thus 13 famous tourist attractions and certainly favored by visitors who vacation in West Sumatra. Dominance lakes and gorges around the city of Padang adds beauty Minang land known as the natural green and pristine.

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