10 benefits and side effects of coffee drinking for Your Health

Start the morning without a cup of coffee? Hmm … it’s really none the less, yes. Coffee is effective to make us more focused and energized. But wait, do not all of you are a coffee connoisseur. Some of us found it too bitter or too acidic. There are also very sensitive to caffeine so drinking a sip of coffee he or she be able to read for hours.

Calm down, it turns out the coffee has a myriad of other benefits you know. Curious? It’s ya coffee utility that you can get without having to gulp it down.

1. Coffee Can Help Disguise Cellulite with Olive Oil

You have a disturbing appearance of cellulite in your skin? Cellulite can not be eliminated. But if you want to disguise it without having to spend too deep, try using coffee grounds. It’s easy, really.

    • Combine 1/4 cup of coffee buuk with 3 tablespoons of hot water. Let stand for 10 minutes until the mixture thickens.
    • Then, mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
    • Massage the scrub of coffee have you made to cellulite skin for 2-4 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

      2. Take advantage of as well as fertilizers and pest control

      Create a pest exterminator can also be via pixgood.com

      For you who love gardening – especially carrots and turnips – coffee can you use as a disinfectant and add the results that you can harvest. The trick is to add some coffee powder together with the seeds are you planting. As a result, tanamanmu will be free of pests and production increased.

      3. Coffee can also help dispel the approaching cat

      Oh uncle! via www.pistonmuscle.com

      You do not like cats? Well, the coffee can be your Savior!

      Cats can sometimes be more annoyance than a threat. Let your cat not approached to certain places, simply sprinkle the coffee powder in place. Through this simple way, your cat will not dare to approach, plus your office so it can be flavored coffee, deh.

      4. Could you also use to clean the griddle fatty

      Fat frying pan not be a problem via www.flickr.com

      Who yesterday finished carefully sacrificial meat, the rest of the fat in the pots and pans is something annoying. Create a workaround, you can use a few teaspoons coffee powder in a thin cloth to remove oil and grease in the pan and wajanmu. Fair to save energy for washing dishes.

      5. Apparently, coffee can also beautify your hair, you know that?

      Create beautiful hair with coffee. via instagram.com

      It turned out that not only beer that has good benefits for the hair, coffee as well you know. Mix coffee grounds with kondisionermu and use it once a week will make a dense and lustrous hair. You so do not need to pay money for that beautiful hair, right?

      6. Channel pembuanganmu clogged? Try embarked with coffee!

      So Fluent use of coffee! via www.realitysourcecleaning.com

      The drain in the kitchen and bathroom sometimes clogged by oil and other substances that precipitate; may be difficult to clean and eat the cost. Now, coffee could actually help relaunch pembuanganmu channel. Try to mix a small amount of coffee powder with hot water and a little dishwashing soap, and pour it into the drain clogged. A little bit, yes, if a lot of powder that will actually clog saluranmu. Oh yes, this way will not succeed if saluranmu clogged by solid trash such as plastic.

      7. Coffee can also make the meat so tender

      Add seasoning to rubbed meat via www.vindulgeblog.com

      For you who are fond of cooking steaks or roasts, coffee powder you can use as additional ingredients to soften the meat and create a style aroma of bacon. Very suitable for entertaining guests.

      8. It could also be your creation as a freshener

      Hmmmm…..!!! via www.instructables.com

      In addition to its delicious taste, the aroma of fragrant coffee can also refresh your mind. So, why not use it as an air freshener instead? By using stockings,of course that was new, yes a strong rope, plastic cups, and of course coffee powder, you can make your own air freshener hanger that can hang in the room or car. See how at here.

      9. Your dog has an infestation problem? Banish just tick her with coffee

      Bebaaas! via www.wallpaper2020.com

      For you who like dogs, fleas, they could become a problem that sucks. They’re not just be a problem for your dog, but also for their owners. Well, the coffee powder can help you banish fleas from your beloved dog, you know. Simply mix a teaspoon of coffee grounds on your dog shampoo. Guaranteed fleas on your dog any kapok nesting and happy. Woof!

      10. Eliminate eye bags? It Can be!

      Maybe Pak SBY eye bags can also be disappear? via adam613ca.blogspot.com

      The girls, you can save hundreds of thousands to buy eye cream. Replace it with the coffee! Live brewed coffee powder and then apply the waste to the area of your eyes. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with water. Perform routine so that the effect is optimal.

      Coffee was amazing. Not just delicious, but also rich in benefits. You want to try out the benefits of which, this? Either way, good luck!

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