A Man Called Ahok Movie Film Synopsis

Full of inspiration and struggle, the story of the life of Basuki Tjahaja
Purnama alias Ahok who was once number 1 in Jakarta will be told again.

through a film called A Man Called Ahok.
though it is identical to its political controversy that has never
ended, however, Ahok’s story this time will be more about the
relationship between parents and children.

If according to plan, this film will air on November 8, 2018 in all Indonesian theaters. Actor Daniel Mananta was given the confidence to play Ahok adult in this film.
In addition, there are still other actors and actresses who will play a
role in this film, just name Jill Gladys, until Deny Sumargo will appear in the film A Man Called Ahok.

What are the other stories and stories of the life of a man who is familiarly called Ahok? Following is the film synopsis.
Synopsis of A Man Called Ahok

A Man Called Ahok Movie Film Synopsis


The film A Man Called Ahok will not show the side of a Basuki when he becomes number 2 or number 1 in DKI Jakarta.

However, this film begins to tell about Ahok’s life starting from his childhood in Gantong, East Belitung Islands.

When his father’s business was successful, Ahok in childhood was an ordinary child.

His life has never been lacking. His father, a mining businessman in the Belitung area, worked hard to provide enough for his family.


However, the father has never forgotten the various kinds of life advice that are important for the whole family.


However, in the ’70s to’ 80s almost all of Indonesia was overwhelmed with rampant corruption practices. Tjung Kim Nam, the father has really felt his pain in this complicated situation when managing his mining business.

Kim Nam wants Ahok to become a doctor, and not follow in his footsteps as a businessman. Being a doctor according to Kim is more able to influence others.


However, Ahok, who in his childhood had seen for himself the practices of injustice and corruption that had occurred in his childhood, had other standpoints.

Ahok prefers to stick his feet by giving a tremendous influence rather than being a doctor. He was involved in political activities.

According to him, through politics he could bring change and fight for the rights and fate of many people. However, what became a strong foundation was when he saw corruption rampant and made his father’s business decline.

This is where Ahok takes action to bring about the changes taken into account. He struggled to prove what he thought was right.

Can Ahok fight to prove what he believes?

How was his past life in East Belitung? You will find everything in the film A Man Called Ahok.

Rudi Valinka booksinopsis-a-man-called-ahok-repeating-the-story-of-children-belitung Source: Tokopedia

The film A Man Called Ahok, itself comes from notes collected by Rudi Valinka, aka having a Kurawa name on Twitter social media.

He went to Belitung to find out, noting debris from Ahok’s past. Describe the stories that shape Ahok’s personality.

Meanwhile, from the film side of the director Putrama Tuta, the story of A Man Called Ahok, will show the dominance of Ahok’s life when he was in East Belitung.

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