Bali Is Not Heaven Anymore

Bali Isn’t Heaven Anymore

Maybe this appeal began frequent lately in Bali. Strange. Island of the Gods who supposedly blessed with natural intimacy public relations these days often experience a disaster; ranging from landslides to earthquakes. What actually happened?

Let me cite an article from the book “Mati Tidak Berarti Pergi” karya Herwiratno issues related to natural disasters:

The universe getting sick on a variety of bad behavior people living in it, particularly the arbitrary behavior towards nature. The universe plans to reset life on it. How .. yes, with catastrophic!

we remember back, thousands of years ago God gave catastrophic flood
fed up with the attitude and behavior of a bad man in the days of Noah.
But God still leaving life in this world because we believe there is goodness in human beings. In the case Nabi Nuh, a handful of elected man and a couple of animals
were left to carry on the sustainability of life on this earth.
Then if a major disaster occurred in the era we live in today, what should we do? Nuswantara Earth has experienced many bitter disaster that claimed thousands of lives. Whether in the form of tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods landslides, and so forth. If we look, the location of these disasters happening are pretty
extreme populated location in dealing with a case, especially in
religious matters, berkeperimanusiaan, and their attitude toward nature.
we know, safe and blessed Bali is famous for being one of the areas in
Indonesia are still appreciate nature and perform rituals ancestral
why lately many disasters occurred in Bali, especially the magnitude
6.4 SR (other sources say 5.6 SR), which happened this morning
(03/22/17, 7:10 pm)?
Perhaps you often hear the term “Bali is not as beautiful as the first.” Whether from the ’70s or in 2017, the term is still relevant, especially for us, the residents living in Bali. This is a sign that the Bali change often and fast. Changes in Bali might be the fastest change throughout Earth Nuswantara, for many investors, tourists and immigrants in Bali. What happened? What we have done to Mother Earth?
Bali losing one by one its assets. Initially the land which traded on migrant and domestic and foreign investors. Rice fields transformed into hospitality, and as if without control of Bali’s natural green turned gray concrete. The amount blindly, even Bali experienced an over-supply of hotels, villas and resorts even eliminate travel core itself.
Green zone (green areas) should be maintained now racing built infringe written permission. Sacred places lose energy because of the construction was done without the permission of nature. Too fast developments such as colonialism committed against non-tolerance of ancestral land and compensation.Urban area in Bali has been no different from other urban island with the bustle and congestion are rampant in the daytime. Night in Bali was not there khusyuknya for loud music boom sounded everywhere that replace Twitter crickets and frogs. Bali also lost fauna. About nine thousand dogs were executed on the pretext of rabies. How’s the Kintamani dog as one of the original races dogs in the world? Bali is no longer environmentally friendly. Garbage piled up on the road and scattered sites.
Bali also lost the essence of its culture. Can we count now how many young people of Bali who still remain faithful to understand and preserve the ancestral culture. Compared with young children who began adapting western culture, may amount to only 1: 1000. Cultural easily bought and sold, just for the spectacle without any meaning anymore. Everything can be bought with money.
has not belonged to the tribal people of Bali again, but belongs to the
tourists and immigrants who do not know / care about cultural order
They mastered the art and culture and enjoy the peace of nature Bali, but only on the surface. They mix the culture of the place of origin of each Balinese culture no longer ignore the rules. And let the people of Bali; witnessed the extinction of culture in silence and even lost in the process.
What is left of Bali for the next generation? And what should we do to prevent it? Could
it be that God intended to warn people to make concussion ground was
hailed as a paradise (heaven) so many people are being jumawa because
they feel as a resident of the island’s most blessed of the Gods?
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While it may be too little too late, it’s still better than later. We can start from ourselves with little things, among them:
1. Maintain hygiene, including throwing garbage in its place, recycle and clean up the beaches, forests, mountains and rivers. If going on vacation should we carry our own garbage and we have met around and throw it in place. Bring
a bag for trash wherever you go, place the litter box in the car, use
of environmentally friendly plastic if it can not avoid the use of
plastics, use cloth bags instead of plastic, and so on.
These small things can have a big impact if everyone did the same thing. Agree?
2. Stop selling Bali. Usually parents pass on land to their children and grandchildren to stay and so are used to good things. While the cost of everyday life should be obtained from the results of working with their own toil. If
the land is sold solely because the value of that promise big money, if
the money is used for things that can not be accounted for, and the
inheritance of parents was lost unnecessarily.
find a solution other than to sell the estate, for example by renting
out (leasing) or working with investors to make an effort.
But it should also still follow the rules written or unwritten prevailing in the land of Bali.
3. Returning to nature. Alam Bali which was still fresh and virgin now full of the traces of human meddling. Nature is providing himself to enjoy human, but to limit the enjoyment Where can we take? Looks
like we need to implement a system to “die a thousand grow” where every
time we take something from the Earth if only we are giving something
as compensation.
example, when building a house, if only we let any green area for
absorption, held planting trees and other plants around the house,
providing a decent drains, etc.
Every tree that we cut again should we plant another tree so that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty of nature.
4. Introspection. No matter how good we are building the facility, the most important part of life in this world is the human soul. Therefore,
introspection is something that must be done by each occupant Bali,
especially because today Bali is one of the world’s citizens for the
purpose of yoga practice.
meditation activity should be started from the grateful thanks to the
grace of God, to understand the purpose of our lives as human beings,
and share the blessing of others.
By realizing the essence and purpose of each other’s lives, surely we
will be more sensitive to the sounds of nature and ultimately can work
together to save nature.
5. Increase spirituality. There
is an opportunity every full moon for melukat (shower wash in springs)
and there are lots of practitioners of meditation can be held clues to
get closer to God (if you need, I can recommend the right people you
meet in Bali.) Maybe I do not have
the right words for this spiritual thing, therefore I highly recommend you read the book
“Mati Tak Berarti Pergi” dan “Hidup Tidak Lenyap Hanya Berubah” karangan Herwiratno for at least awaken our spiritual side and as a guide to a better life and easier for every human being.

Gambar terkait

I love Bali. I often vacation and even had lived for many years there. Therefore I feel concerned and worried about the disaster that recently struck Bali. The earthquake was not a real catastrophe. If you want traced, earthquakes are usually only ‘warning’ or a warning to people somewhere to turn, repent, and pray better. So the earthquake that happened this morning could be considered as a
sign that it’s time we stopped was immersed in mortal life and start
loving nature again.
paper not only I extend to residents of Bali alone, but also for your
entire travelers and immigrants who stopped and settled in Bali, and
everyone who loves Bali like me.
Let us help the people of Bali to restore Bali on track, on the
culture of their ancestors, and the beauty of nature in a way to pray
for the Almighty to minimize disasters that could happen in the land of
Bali, as well as other regions around Nuswantara.
And do not forget: “business without prayer is vanity; prayer without effort is vanity”. Let us together to be private is better, wiser, and closer to the Creator. #kembalikanBaliku #saveBali

P.S. There is an additional message from a friend about the legend of the creation of Bali. To sum up this way:
In the beginning created the mountain, then the sea. To connect the two created rivers that drain the freshwater and turn the soil in the vicinity. Of land grew crops, including food to eat. Then created animals and livestock that eat plant earlier. When everything is ready, were created human beings who live with full facilities of the natural ecosystem.
But fears of the human race has made people become greedy and take more than they need the pretext for future savings. Whereas 60% of savings was never used and eventually become useless. This reduces any excessive harmony of nature and create a natural shout.
humans keep doing what they have been doing during the last century on
the nature of the supporting facilities of life, nature will start to
update itself from early return.
today’s earthquake is not the heating process of the ‘reset’ birthday,
but as warnings for us human beings to live more friendly to Mother

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