Capital Execution on Bali Nine

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Capital Execution on Bali Nine

Indonesia has executed eight prisoners who were sentenced to death for drug trafficking, including foreigners from Australia, Brazil, Nigeria and Ghana.

The killings were carried out at 12.30am, local time, on the prison island of Nusa Kambangan off the coast of Java.

Particularly the cases of Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, convicted in 2006 as the leaders of the Bali 9, caught the attention of global media.

Australia among other countries has criticized the death sentences against the two Australians sharply in recent months. Sukumaran and Chan were the leaders of the Bali Nine, and were convicted for heroin trafficking.

The family members of the two Australians visited them on Tuesday for a last farewell. Sukumaran’s mother Raji pleaded tearfully to the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, to spare her son.

Chan was granted his last wish on Monday and married in prison his Indonesian partner. On Tuesday coffins were brought to the prison of Nusakambangan, an island in the south of Java.

Filipino woman Mary Jane Veloso, the ninth prisoner scheduled to be executed by a firing squad received a reprieve. She was arrested on Java in Yogyakarta in 2010 with almost 3kg of heroin in her luggage. She insists she got set-up by another woman.
A government spokesman said her execution has been postponed temporarily so she could testify against this other person.

The execution of a Frenchman, also sentenced to death for drug smuggling, who was to be executed at the same time originally, got postponed. A court will consider a new entry due to sharp protests from the French Government.

Indonesia is among the countries with the strictest drug laws worldwide. In January, six people were under international protest executed for drug offenses, including five foreigners.

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