Coban Pawon Waterfall Tourism

Coban Pawon or often known as “Antrukan Pawon” which is a waterfall tour in Lumajang which is considered a virgin. Having a nature that is so beautiful and the uniqueness of this one waterfall, makes Coban Pawon so right to channel hobbies to an adventure.

Indonesia is known for its rich and potential landscapes, even though it has been recognized internationally. Called Heaven on the Equator, certainly not without reason. Because of the entire territory of Indonesia, it is known to have resources and beautiful natural scenery spread from Sabang to Marauke. But natural resources are not the main topic in this blog, where I only focus on the potential of nature tourism alone. Of all the potential of these landscapes it is found thousands of beautiful locations, from several of these locations even today has become a tourist spot in Indonesia which has an international standard.

But if you talk about this, indeed there are currently not many locations that have been famous tourist attractions, you name it just like Bali and Jogja. However, it does not mean that other cities do not have beautiful locations, such as Lumajang. If you might already know about tourist attractions in Lumajang, such as Tumpak Sewu Waterfall or Goa Tetes Waterfall. So this time, I will add a little information about other natural attractions that have not been widely known by the general public. Coban Pawon Waterfall is not well known, maybe because there is no manager of this place. Though the waterfall in Lumajang is unique when compared to waterfalls in general. Want to know the uniqueness? You can see the reviews in detail in the article below.

On this afternoon, I will review the subject of Coban Pawon Waterfall or Antrukan Pawon explore Lumajang Tourism alone. Hopefully all information that will be delivered will be accepted and helpful for you or other wise readers.

enjoy the beauty of Coban Pawon / Antrukan Pawon
Previously, did you know about Coban Pawon Waterfall? yes, still trying to explore the city of Lumajang, East Java in a solo career did not hinder my intention and determination to review some of the natural attractions in Lumajang, so that you could be made an additional recommendation. Right on 15/01/2017, I went to the location of Coban Pawon Waterfall located in Gucialit Village, Lumajang. Coban Pawon, its uniqueness is not only in terms of its name which turns out not without cause. The historical origin of Coban Pawon itself starts from the word “Coban” or “Antrukan” which means a kucuran water and “Pawon” means a furnace or kitchen (in Javanese), meaning that it means a waterfall that has flowing into a stove in the kitchen. Quite unique isn’t it?

As in the initial explanation that Coban Pawon is not well known. This is clear, because this waterfall tour has not been managed seriously or deeply, even seems sober. There are no facilities and facilities, but only a house owned by “Bu Timah” which is used as a parking location for vehicles when you visit this waterfall. Mrs. Timah told me, for a long time she and a number of local residents who were concerned about the existence of this beautiful waterfall worked hand in hand to care for and manage this place. He also said that his hopes for Coban Pawon were crowded with tourists. The Provincial Government and the local Tourism Service did not know the whereabouts of Coban Pawon, but for some reason until now there has been no follow up on the clarity of this place. So with a limited effort and hit with capital problems, the residents continue to struggle to take care of Coban Pawon in a minimum.


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Because it has not been managed properly, there are no entrance ticket fees charged to visitors. They are only charged the cost of parking the vehicle at Bu Timah’s house at a cost of around Rp. 5000 / motorbike and Rp. 10,000 / car. Then after parking the vehicle, you can walk to a small alley that is across the street from the house of Mrs. Timah to go to the location of Coban Pawon. But before making a half-mile trekking trip, it is recommended that you prepare all personal or logistical needs first. Because there are no facilities at the waterfall location, you can buy everything you need at a shop near Mrs. Timah’s house. If you investigate further the state of the path to be traversed, it does seem to be rough. Where the road is textured with clay and when after the rain falls, the condition will be muddy and muddy. There are no signs for the location of the waterfall, only there are writings / arrows from a red paint at certain points and even then some of them have faded / damaged.

location of vehicle parking at Bu Timah’s house
Not far away the foot stepped through the mud and the many galangal trees that were found along the pathway, then arrived from the cheese sounded the sound of gurgling water which indicated the location was near. Down the path to go down to the riverbed, then you are required to cross a small river with a not so heavy flow, then you arrive at the location of Coban Pawon Waterfall. This sinful lips also gave thanks and amazement at one form of divine greatness. How not, a waterfall that is not too high maybe only about 15-17 meters immediately fell into a cave.

Regarding the re-designation of the geological state of Coban Pawon Waterfall, according to my assumptions and reasoning that cannot yet be ascertained by its truth, maybe a long time ago there was a large dome made of large rocks right below a waterfall. As time went on, because the waterfall fell right on top of a coral dome, the drop of water eroded and punched the coral dome. So that it forms a hole, the water that penetrates into the dome also flows into a sluggish river stream which also erodes and punctures the inside of the coral dome, thus forming a stomach like a cave today. This simple opinion of mine, maybe true and maybe also wrong, all I return to all readers.

view from the mouth of the cave

view of the upper waterfall

view of Coban Pawon waterfall

selfie first
The uniqueness of the shape and location of Coban Pawon is the beauty of an aesthetic value, so it is fairly rare in other waterfalls. Even interested in its beauty, there was a group of young people who were interested in making documentary trailer films that raised Coban Pawon as a school craft assignment. They met and talked with one of the students from Kencong 1 Public Middle School, Jember. They told me that this was the first time they had tried to make an amateur documentary work, which in my opinion was very good and worthy of appreciation, in addition to sharpening creativity and also fostering concern to the environment, especially nature in Indonesia since as early as possible.

filming process
Sikon Coban Pawon Waterfall is indeed not recommended for you to swim, so you can only admire its beauty through photo media. For those of you who like hobbies, it’s really recommended to visit Coban Pawon. By having a unique shape, it will definitely produce a photo that is of high aesthetic value.

A fact about the waterfall in Lumajang that people rarely know, do you know why most waterfalls on Lumajang have water that is somewhat brownish and rather cloudy? Color in water can indeed be influenced by various factors, such as organic materials such as decomposition of surrounding plants that die, the content of plankton in water or from sand or mud that is in the riverbed. For most river streams in Lumajang, it does have abundant sand resource potential, so it is often exploited by sand miners. Possibly due to the large flow of large rivers that are dredged by sand excessively which causes the color of river water to tend to be brownish in color.

For those of you who want to visit, you can follow the road route to Coban Pawon Waterfall with various options. From your current domicile, you must first arrive in the city of Lumajang. If you are in Jember and its surroundings, you can follow the route as follows,

  For those of you who want to visit, you can follow the road route to Coban Pawon Waterfall with various options. From your current domicile, you must first arrive in the city of Lumajang. If you are in Jember and its surroundings, you can follow the route as follows,

    The first option, you can follow the Jember-Lumajang Kota-Gucialit route with a long trip can usually reach between 90-120 minutes depending on traffic conditions. From the direction of Jember, you can go to Lumajang Square or go directly to the Koncar Wonorejo Minak Terminal, then you can go directly to Klakah District. After that you can go to Kertowo Village, Gucialit to go directly to Coban Pawon location. I use this route on my way home (from Coban Pawon to Jember).
    The second option, if you are from the direction of Pronojiwo, Dampit and its surroundings, you can go to the monument that is on Tempeh. Then turn to the monument towards Kloposawit Village, then follow the signs for directions towards Senduro / B29 Lumajang. Then follow the road until you find a signpost to go back towards Selokambang. Arriving in the city of Lumajang, you can just follow the directions to Gucialit / Pawon Waterfall. But if you use this route, when you arrive in Gucialit, there are no clear directions / road signs to go to Coban Pawon, so you can ask local residents about their location.

monument on Tempeh

follow the direction of Senduro

follow the direction of Selokambang

follow the direction of Pawon Waterfall

* Tips

    For road routes, you should use the first option because it’s easier.
    Use your smartphone as an additional guide to the location of Coban Pawon.
    If you are confused, you can ask the local people about the location, but the locals are more familiar with the name “Antrukan Pawon”.
    Make sure your vehicle’s fuel is sufficient, the reason is that it is rarely found at gas stations in Gucialit.
    Toilet facilities can use Mrs. Timah’s house.
    Use comfortable and safe footwear, prioritizing the antislip considering the track is muddy and slippery. Better to use gunun shoes / mountain sandals.

Visit the Coban Pawon Waterfall, show and prove that there is so much potential in this Equatorial Heaven. The Indonesian nation should be proud of the gift given by God. But what is happening now, the nation is still in a slump in all sectors and aspects of life. Then who is blamed? there is nothing to blame, but we only need change. Start with yourself and do not need to make a conversation about the changes, but just prove it, let them see and imitate through the facts that already exist.
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Thus is my review regarding Coban Pawon Waterfall or Antrukan Pawon explolre Wisata Lumajang alone. Hopefully all of the information that is actually conveyed, can be used as an additional reference source for you or dear readers wherever you are.