Vacationing in Bali is like a dream for everyone, either for the people outside Indonesia, or even the people of Indonesia themself. The things like things to do in Padang-padang Beach that look really great are like most favorable place to visit of all island in Indonesia.

Talking about the tourism places, most of them are indeed crowded by people. And some people usually don’t like it. They really take care at things to be careful of in Bali, and also start to look for less crowded places, or maybe the hidden places of this island. Don’t worry, we got your back. In here, we want to provide a list that contains some of the best hidden places to stay in Bali for you who want too look for places to relax. See complete of them below :

1. Gerokgak Waterfall

First of all, the Gerokgak Waterfall. In Bali there are so many waterfalls can be found within the tourism area like Gitgit waterfall Bali Indonesia, and many other waterfalls following. But this one is insanely beautiful.

Located in a crack between rocks, the waterfalls is very small if compared with the other waterfalls in Bali. They are actually cliffs, not just small rocks. Between those cliffs, there’s this water flowing from above, forming an epic waterfall in the village of Musi, Bali

Location : Musi Village, Gerokgak
Tips : Careful where you step on, it can be so slippery

2. Yehembang Village

The next one is the route that will lead us to some kind of traditional, tribal, and beautiful village of Bali called Yehembang Village. In some villages on Bali island, we can see the Balines culture that very thick with religion every single day.

But in this village, you can find another thing, something new that maybe you’ve never seen before when visiting Bali island. The things is the wooden structure that was built as an attraction for the tourists. The places is great, the ticket is only Rp 25.000,- and the view around is always amazing.

Location : Yehembang Village, Banjar Medoyo
Tips : Always bring your camera in places like this

3. Landed Plane on Jembrana

Who knows that a mere plane can be an unusual yet great attraction for all. You can find in Bali f course, in the area of Jembrana Bali. The plane is just being there without further reasons. Visiting here would be one of the memorable things to do in Bali for backpacker.

Some says that there was one developer who wanted to convert this plane as library, restaurants, or any other business, but he failed the job. Now, the Boeing 737 is just standing there to be a spot for the tourists. They can take some pictures with it. Good news, it’s free!

Location : Jembrana, West Bali
Tips : Careful when stepping on some parts of the plane

4. The Holy Heart of Jesus Church

Doing a religious tour once in a while wouldn’t be a very bad idea, right? If you agree, maybe you an pay the church at Palasari a visit. It’s okay if you’re not christian though, you can just enter the place without worrying about getting thrown out of the church.

Inside, you can find that the inner or the interior of the building just looks like a church in Rome or something. It’s simply made of wood that placed right above the seats. Strangely enough, if you look at it from the outside, the church looks like house of cookie for some reasons. Anyone can enter it with free, because it’s a religious place.

Location : Palasari, Banjar Melaya, Bali
Tips : Always respect the different religion, and just enjoy the church.

5. Octagon Ocean Club

Hidden beneath the forest of National Park of West Bali, there’s one place, which is look perfect for everybody, having this modernization combined with the nature, called Octagon Ocean Club. If you want to have some rest in a very private place, here it is.

Coming in here woulnd’t be a bad idea, because you can get so many benefits by just visiting the place, you can get even more when booking a night. Having a great view, friendly “locals” , and tasty sea foods are just some of many.

Location : West Bali National Park, Seririt street
Tips : Always spare some money to make donations for National Park

6. Bali Tower Restaurant

From the bottom of the sea, we’ll go much and much higher off the ground to a restaurant, one that you have never seen before called Bali Tower Restaurant. The restaurant is very high, that’s for sure. The place which is part of Menjangan Resort is one beautifully made spot right above the trees.

From up high, you can see so many things, the vegetations, trees, the view of mountain and the sea, and also some endemic animals like deers or bears. With only Rp400.000,- for two, the Tower Restaurants is very worth it. Sure, it’s gonna be one of hidden places to stay in Bali.

Location : West Bali National Park, Gilimanuk Singaraja street
Tips : Don’t forget to bring your camera

Villa, Resort, and some other places

Visiting those places is surely gonna be so tiring, especially if you want to do it only within a single day of a week. And mae if you want to have some rest in the most unique resting places in Bali, here we provide some list with the beautiful villas and resorts just for you after visiting the hidden places to stay in Bali

1. Pande Villas Spa and Restaurant
2. Noah Villa and Chapel
3. Paradise Loft Villas
4. Widyas Bali Villa
5. Taman Sari
6. Balinese Tropical Paradise
7. Karana
8. Studio-style Villa of Pecatu Indah Resort
9. Bambu Indah (Beautiful Bamboo)
10. Soka Beach

So that’s our list of hidden places to stay in Bali that maybe you should reconsider this option if you want to enjoy less mainstream vacation in Bali. They are really beautiful for sure, but sometimes they will require some efforts for you to visit them.

And for the backpackers, this can be a great option for you, especially because almost all of them only required a little bit of money. Some of them even free! (except for the villas). Beside there’s no administration ticket whatsoever, they look so great.

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