Hotels in Tanjung Lesung Banten Indonesia

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Hotels in Tanjung Lesung Banten Indonesia

Total dapet 9 days off from the office fitting widths 2013. Direct gatel want to wander. i need refreshing. Where .. Where yah yah ..Finally the choice fell on Tanjung Dimples, Banten. Sempet was stripped want to Bali or Lombok * (NorakBelomPernahKeLombok). But the intention undone as bbrp it .. finally find that deket2 aja, who use a car to reach bs. We go date August 3 to 6, 2013, 4 days and 3 nights.Tanjung Lesung quite far from Jakarta, approximately 4.5 to 5 hours of use Mobil. Armed with the knowledge gw if there are eating places there’s nothing open (knowingly still fasting), I finally decided to go shopping to carefour before leaving, so will we ngeborong MIE2 instant, nuggets, small gas for cooking, bbrp herbs, sm mineral water * ga may call for the brand.Tanjung Lesung is about 2 hours from Anyer, somewhat remote location so, perhaps this is what makes the Cape Lesung not as famous as Anyer. I personally still prefer the Tanjung Dimples than Anyer, besides sounded more private, the beach is still clean. Villa there was only a few complexes, among others Villa Kalica and Tanjung Lesung beach hotel. So it feel very private atmosphere.

1. Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotel & Resort We Stay in Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel, booking via Type Lobster, for 3 malem we hit 2.5jt. so permalamnya around Rp. 800,000an. Cottagenya okay, quite comfortable and clean. Just because this is the most small cottage type, so no kitchen, we be cooking behind deket WC. = DCottagenya not directly facing the beach, but in the design facing taman2, quite beautiful and green dimana2. Here we are given a voucher to rent a bike for 1 hour per day, we can use to bike around the complex villa, down the hall to the seaside to play bodur beach (about 10 minutes from the villa bicycle use).Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel is equipped with a swimming pool overlooking the beach, swimming jarang2 can ngadep into the sea. Pretty good n is a rare sight. The restaurant also has a great view, the breakfast class 4 star hotel, for I still quite Okay.Because the location is somewhat remote, so we will bener2 enjoy facilities at the hotel and also playing on the beach near the hotel. Because if you want to exit complex of villas / towards the entrance gate of Tanjung Dimples was quite far. And it took about 15 -20 menitan use a car to reach the market / Indomaret nearby.I would suggest for those who want to stay there, to be able to bring groceries and cook alone in the cottage. Because the restaurant there is only the hotel restaurant, which is of course the price will drain the bag if every meal is always there * is still in my opinion yes. = D And sepenglihatan gw no restaurants or other eating places open around Tanjung Lesung.There we can also play water sports such as banana boat, jetski, canoeing etc .. which would be charged again, or just drink iced coconut shells on the beach while waiting for the sunset like me. ^_^
2. Kalicaa Villa Beach Hotel & ResortThe place is quite recommended for temen2 who love the beach, but not want jauh2 of Jakarta .. Let’s come to Tanjung Lesung ^ _ ^Here are some photos i took sempet there .. check it out !!

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