How to View Private Instagram Photos without Following

In the previous article I mentioned that the instagram account we can
create privacy where only those – people who we tested to follow us who
can see the contents of our instagram account like only photos and

How to open an account in the key? 

Hasil gambar untuk private instagram account 
What is your instagram instagram key? Will there be a mailing? Yes
thus not
any person can saw it, unlike the privacy in open,
not included they can see the photos and videos that are in our

it’s not too much to blame if for me even if we open then more and more
people who know us differently in privacy but that depends on each
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There are several ways you can view photos and or videos that are on locked instagram or privacy accounts.  

Here I will give 2 ways, please refer to below. Contents [hide]

    1 How to View All Instagram Private Photos
1.0.1 How to Create Instagram Account with Facebook
1.1 Friend Help
1.2 Application Assistance
1.3 Online Website Help
2. Ways to View Instagram Private Profile Photos
3. Conclusion. How to View All Instagram Private Photos

    Creating a Counterfeit Account. If it works this way then you’ll be more time to coin him, safer for the long term.

    You follow their IG, if not already in confirmation also try to send a message and ask for confirmation. (you can use a fake instagram account).

Create a new IG account that can attract his attention even we are not even follow him who follows us first. You
can use a beautiful girl account if you target the guy, otherwise you can
use a guy account with an attractive appearance if your targeted girl.

Use your instincts

Oyes if you want to try to create a new account in instagram now do not
have to first remove an existing account because now 1 instagram
application on mobile can be used for multiple accounts. 

In order to more quickly and easily, the list instagramnya using
facebook only, with a note your main account is not associated with
As for how to create an account instagram with facebook account through the way below. How to Create Instagram Account with Facebook

    You just open the instagram app that is on the smartphone and it’s okay if there is another account as well.
Sign in the main profile of the account and click 3 dots down on the top right corner
Drag it down and tap Add Account
View and select Sign in with Facebook
After that input email and facebook password and OK
DoneFriends Help 

In addition to using a fake account or cloning above, you can also use
the help of your friend’s account, can by borrowing the account, or you
just send your friend to your target account ngepoin.
If not follow the target, just follow.Application Help

you are advised to use help from third parties (applications), with the
application we can vayouring anything he/she has post on instagram.
For the application you can download it yourself and choose which application that suitable for you.


These applications are third parties that can help us see the
contents of the key instargam account and remember to use it wisely not
to be used for things that can harm others.

    Online Website Help. Many suggest also use the help of online websites that have the
function to open instagram in private, but I do not recommend using this
way, because of the many websites that are scattered on the internet
are all fake alias fake.
Well that’s how to view photos and videos on instagram account in the
privacy and a little way to create instagram account using facebook

How to View Instagram Private Profile Photos. For
this second way you can only see profile photos, usually private
profile photos instagram in small size and not clear, but in this way
you can open the profile picture in large size, so it will look more
clear and even you can
download the photo.

    Visit the target instagram url or profile, if you use android, open the target profile via google chrome.

Right-click the Profile profile photo of the account.

Copy Image Adress and Paste on the new Tab in your google chrome. After that you delete the s 320×320 on the link, for some cases it could be s140x140. And finished deh later it looks like the picture below. To download the image, just right click on the image, then save image as, and specify where you will save the image.  

Now you can download photos from instagram. In addition to downloading profile photos, this way can also be used
to download photos that have been uploaded in the account instagra.

Conclusion Of
the above ways the most powerful to see the whole photo in a private
account is the first and second way, if with the help of the application
or online website of course for now it is no longer usable, the more
sophisticated instagram and user privacy is maintained well-
either by instagram. And the second way is more suited for seeing clearly and downloading instagram profile photos that are locked. Oyes
there are advantages apart if our account in public, thus we can
quickly famous and not impossible can be a calculated programming, thank

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