Jembatan Kelok 9 New Destination Travel West Sumatra Indonesia

Who ever go to Padang West Sumatra, especially west Sumatra Padang Bukittinggi Payakumbuh Lima Puluh Kota, knows Kelok 9, it located at near Harau PayakumbuhWest Sumatra.

Kelok 9 is not final destination, but you have to visit if going to Payakumbuh Lima Puluh Kota like Lembah Harau Valley, or Ngalau. It just a few minutes not far from Payakumbuh to Jalan Kelok 9.


  1. Danau Singkarak dan Lake Maninjau near Bukittinggi 
  2. The Place you must pay attention to Visit in West Sumatra

You are also will passed this place if you all going away or back from Pekanbaru.

Now in Kelok 9 were treath as beautiful play place with family or relationship.

Be aware of the thieft. Don’t forget to save anything you have, protect prevent stolen, by the thief.

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