More than 20 years ago, a young man from China was executed for murder and rape. However, China’s Supreme Court yesterday declared the accused innocent Nie Shubin.Christmas holiday discounts bagi2 Rp 100,000
“In this case, the Supreme Court changed the preliminary charges on
Nie Shubin of the defendant not guilty,” the report quoted by Chinese
news agency, Xinhua, as reported by CNN, Friday (2/12).
in the judicial process Nie Shubin began to unfold when a man Wang
Shujin, pleaded guilty to the alleged case of Nie.
Parents Shubin also said her judicial process is very unfair.
Nie interrogated in a closed room and beaten and forced to confess guilt. After seven months of detention, Nie executed without prior notice on the part of the family.
After conducting the investigation, Chinese courts concluded judicial processes Nie lack of evidence. There are serious doubts at the time of death, the weapon used to kill the victim and the reason for death.
“Because the evidence was inaccurate and did not rule out another
suspect, we recommend the Supreme Court to reprocess this case,” the
Court said China middle of this year.
Many consider the case of Nie is one example of the increasing number
of police torture and poor judicial processes and the review of the
death penalty.
2013, China’s high court banned the use of torture in the examination
process because they can be used as a weapon to speed up the resolution
of cases.
However, this has no effect because the Bamboo Curtain country known as a country that a lot of capital punishment.

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