Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel Resort Villa

Tanjung Lesung Beach is like Nusa Dua Bali. Anothe best place similar to Bali Beach Island. Not far from (near) Jakarta. The Capital of Indonesia.

Pandeglang like Nusa Dua. Banten feel in Bali.

Maybe it’s a suitable sentence to explain Tanjung Lesung – an integrated tourist area on the west coast of Java. Some time ago I had visited Tanjung Lesung and stayed at one of the famous resorts there. The beaches still virgin and natural. Tanjung Lesung is not too crowded if it’s not a weekend, so there are not many inns to be found here.

the resort gate, the hot atmosphere of the beach suddenly turned shady
thanks to the thick trees on both sides of the road. To get to Tanjung Lesung beach hotel on the beach, you can use an electric caddy car that is commonly used on the golf course. On the left and right side of this road there are also quite unique sights. Rice fields are wide but interspersed with palm trees which are called by one of the resort officers as “ancient coconut trees”.

  • Walk from the front gate to the hotel
  • Or can ride a caddy. 
  • Rooms at Tanjung Lesung Beach hotel 
  • Peek into the room 
  • Tanjung Lesung beach

few hundred meters later, we were greeted by a welcome drink in the form
of fresh guava juice and a group of Hawaiian hula hula dancers who wore
colorful jewelry on several parts of their body.
They danced until we were invited to dance a dance which was said to be obligatory for all visitors to Tanjung Lesung. Until here, I have forgotten that I am still in Banten. Even though they are very friendly, most of them are male and look like debus players here.

  Kalica Villa atau Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort Hotel?

lesung beach hotel is in the economic tourism area which has just been
inaugurated by Mr. Jokowi, the president of Indonesia, some time ago. This area covers an area of around 1500 hectares! Next
to the hotel, Jababeka is always the manager and also provides private
villa facilities for families or groups who want to relax in a more
private place.

Enter Kalica VillaPool at Kalica villaVilla Kalica is very comfortable to live in. The atmosphere is cool, has three rooms, a family room and a semi-outdoor bathroom, and an indoor swimming pool. Honestly, maybe for a honeymoon this place is very perfect!

Back to the hotel. at Tanjung Lesung Hotel it is not a multi-storey building. Because it also does not need a multi-storey building here because the area is very spacious. Large wooden bungalow-shaped room with nyiur waving in front of it. Getting
closer to the beach, we can meet hotel restaurants where there is also
an infinity pool, our favorite place to play futsal in water (water

Relax by the poolThis beachfront view is very neatly arranged. Although
the sand of the beach is not white and tends to rock, the quiet and
serene atmosphere of Tanjung Lesung is suitable to escape from the noise
of the capital without having to go far to the beach of Nusa Dua in
It seems that I have to come back here someday. 

Good morning from Tanjung Lesung.

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