The Beautiful of Leang Lonrong Pangkep Tourism

If in Maros district there is a waterfall and butterfly garden, another case with Pangkep district. There we can find springs, but this spring is a source of clean water that has tourism potential. This location is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the panorama of natural beauty.

At first glance this area that appears only the area of mountainous areas of stone alone. But
the unthinkable thing turned out behind the mountain as tens of meters
in Leang Lonrong, there are sources of springs that you can visit when
the holiday season arrives, or you just want to just eliminate fatigue.

Leang Lonrong

Photos of stalagmite rocks, and Leang Lonrong stalagtit


people call this area with the nickname leang lonrong, or watering
cave, I also do not know much about the origin of why this area is
called Leang Lonrong, Leang Lonrong is located in the Village panaikang,
Minasa te’ne, which is approximately 12 kilometers south of the city of Pupul regency.

now Leang Lonrong hills have springs, which until now is used by
residents as a source of clean water, and for the needs of households
and to irrigate the surrounding rice fields.

Leang Lonrong

Leang Lonrong Area

Leang Lonrong area is used as a source of clean water, but its tourism
potential is so interesting, even the government of Pangkep district has
issued a regulation for visitors who want to enjoy leon lonrong water
source, only by paying admission ticket for 2,000 rupaih for adults,
And 1,000 rupiah for children.

said, the source of the springs that meet the pond at the foot of the
hill in the area leang lonrong, until now no one is able to find the
source of water that is contained in the cave area in leon lonrong this.
Hasbihtc with the entourage of time it took place to explore the cave

Lonrong but hasbihtc not find the source of the springs, but we have
been walking into the cave about 3 hours, but not also bear fruit.

Leang Lonrong

Leang Lonrong

regency tourism area especially Leang Lonrong area with its tourist
potential is crowded in visits by local and foreign tourists, hendakanya
pangkep district government, or related parties (tourism office
pangkep) should be more memperhatiakan potential owned by tourist area
leang lonrong.

In that place the
visitors can be served with the clarity and freshness of the source of
springs and ornaments of stalagmite and stalagmite stones, Leang Lonrong
tourist attraction is a promising choice of recreation place.
a brief review of the attractions contained in the island pangkajene
districts may be a reference if you want to travel to Pangkep.

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