Tips Travel in Pekanbaru Airport SSK II Cheap and Save

Tips Travel in Pekanbaru Airport SSK II Cheap and Save

This morning I admin will provide information on how easy and safe to get out of Sultan Syarif Kasim 2 Pekanbaru Airport.
This tip I update considering the many complaints of the travelers who are difficult to get out of the airport SSK II. Because Application-based transportation can not enter SSK II
Pekanbaru Airport be it Go-Jek, Grab, Nor Official Taxi Bluebird can not
take passengers from SSK II Pekanbaru Airport.
Here I will give Cheap and Easy Information out SSK II Pekanbaru Airport:

  1. First Solution, you can wait for Trans Metro Bus Pekanbaru to exit
    the Airport, and get off at the first stop, then you can order
    Application Based Transportation there.
  2. Second
    Solution, you can walk to the front of the door of SSK II Pekanbaru
    Airport, or to the SSK II Airport Side Door not too far walk.
    There you can order Application Based Transportation.

Thus Easy and Safe Tips at a cheap price from Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport Pekanbaru – Riau.
Go-Jek Booking Tips from SSK II Airport

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