Culinary Tourism is already no doubt many in each region. In
each area, attractions culinary always compete ungtuk memperubutkan the
attention of tourists, both foreign and foreign tourists.
There are many ways to attract the interest of the visitors to be able to come to eat at the cafe / restaurant they manage. One of them is the town of Garut, which is famous for dodol. Who would have thought, Garut formerly was a city that is not in the
account in the appeal other major cities, now transformed into a famous
city with many famous tourist attraction.


Sampireun Garut, Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort, a few travel
packages, Package Tours Beach Santolo, Package Tours Kampung Sumber Alam
Garut, or Awit Sinar Alam Darajat Garut into multiple attractions that
enhance the status of Garut become highly regarded by cities and other
major cities such as
Bandung, Jakarta, and Surabaya.  

Besides Garut famous tourist places, Garut also famous for culinary
tourism are also able to match the best culinary tourism in other major
In this article, I write down the culinary list of restaurants best in Garut. With
beautiful natural shades, also has a very cool view makes some
attractions restaurant in Garut become the most popular places much
visited, tourists both local and foreign tourists.
This is the list:

Top 10 Best Popular Restaurant in Garut West Java

all the culinary attractions in Garut, I just wrote a few restaurants
that become very popular tourist place and most of the visit in the town
of Garut.
Among them:

1. Rumah Makan Sari Cobek

Makan Sari Cobek Cangkuang beralokais in park attraction Candi /
Cangkuang Lake, Leles Garut regency, West Java 93 Km from Highway
Bandung – Garut, or 1 hour journey from Cileunyi).
The restaurant is at most the visit the visitors because besides close
to the attraction Candi Cangkuang Cangkuang Lake Garut and Garut, where
eating house that is above the pool so that adds to the atmosphere
becomes more attractive.

2. Eating Asep Stroberri

restaurant that is recommended by HDG Team Trip Planner and Event
Organizer as one of the guides tebaik in the city of Garut.
Because it is a very large region, is also a very beautiful natural
view, the place is very strategic, refresentatif, also very complete
amenities banuak visitors who choose this restaurant as one of the
dining pass.

3. Eating Kitchen Setia Kawan

Beralokasi in Jalan Baru Raya Cipanas, District Tarogong South Garut,
Eating has a menu mainstay Fish & Shrimp Bakar as well as a few
other choice, which is one of choice and culinary destination in the
city of Garut

4. Eating Racik Village

Food with good taste and delicious and quite affordable by all people. View beautiful with make Eating Racik Village became the most popular culinary destination in Garut.5. Eating Saung PananjungWith his trademark mutton, eating houses is quite enjoy doing by the
foreign tourists who come to Garut, menu mainstay Tongseng Sheep, Sheep
Grill, Lamb Fried Pun interesting to try.

6. Restaurant Soto Ahri

Street Gang Harjo Mandalagiri Garut Kota Restaurant Soto Ahri quite
popular among the people, especially people who have a fondness Garut
against Soto.
Restaurant Soto Ahri also now has two branches in Bandung and Tasik Malaya.

7. Eating Jemanii

Eating the latter of which is quite popular in Garut is Eating Jemanii. Although
the price is on offer in this restaurant is quite high, but did not
diminish the interest of the visitors to be able to eat at this
karana kawasanya fairly clean and still awake keasrianya.

8. Eating Pujasega

9. Eating Cibiuk 

several List Eating on the above, the most popular in the interest of
the visitors is Eating Asep Stroberri because of possible strategic
location and place the refresentatif also facilities that are complete,
suitable for Family Gathering or Corporate Outing with accompanied HDG
Team As
one of the best guides in the city of Garut.

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