What is the best city in Indonesia to live in and Why?

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When Someone decide to live in Indonesia, the ask

What is the best city in Indonesia to live in and Why?

Many kind of answer … Below are the answer at Quora by Ahmed Kayihan, works at Students

It depends on what you are after…
– If you are a businessman or intending on business, try Jakarta.
– If you wanna stay away from the noise and pollution, any town/village away from major cities is beautiful…
– If you want some open empty land, try Borneo (banjarmasin),

If you want a cooler place without sticky heat and no mosquitos (bule
like me who get too hot in Jkt and complain about mosquitos), try
– If you are a city dweller/modern lifestylist, try Bandung, Surabaya.

If you want girls n insane nighlife, idk they’re sort of all over the
place but Bali is a bit more of a recommended place (but Jawa women are
much more beautiful) hey no offence ppl ^^
– if you want beautiful
white sandy beaches, miror like blue water and nice green islands, try
Lombok,  Sulawesi, Karimunjawa !!!!! 🙂
– If you want intense greenery, try Sumatera – north Borneo
– If you want to be indulged in an Islamic lifestyle,  try Aceh (stay away from the hypocritical moral cops lol)
– If you want a bit of Jesus love, try Medan
– If you enjoy old architecture and ancient buildings, central java/yogyakarta and ancient temple sites around there
– If you’re a student and want educational variety, try jogja
– If you want to wake up and enjoy lush greenery and warm atmpsphere, anywhere in the nusantera will do you good 🙂 🙂

bule born n raised in Australia. 22. Visited Indonesia 5 times. Loves
it… will visit again in a month or so, this time Lombok / Karimunjawa
but need someone to accompany me.. pm me if interested ^^
Terima Kasih for reading my post !!
Selamat siang ^ 

Answered by

Ahmed Kayihan, works at Students

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