2 Rent Car Innova Pekanbaru Dumai Return

Smartravel.com isis a
website of transportation information centered in the city of Pekanbaru
with the aim to the various regions in Riau Province, West Sumatera,
North Sumatra, Jambi and Bengkulu. Our website
TravelPekanbaru.com is committed to be a very friendly Website to
provide convenience and ease of searching for land transportation.

We are an experienced transportation service in serving car and travel rental from Pekanbaru to thorn town and to dumai city.

those of you businessmen, time is of course very valuable and very
important for the smooth running of your business, for that we present
with Armada kijang Innova which always ready to take you to travel
Pekanbaru to Duri PP, and Pekanbaru to Dumai Return.

For booking tickets Rental and Travel Pekanbaru Duri Dumai Return.

For more info, please Call: Hp. 0811 661 160

Rental Car Service Pekanbaru Duri Dumai Return.

In addition we also serve Innova Innovation for the city of Pekanbaru not off key (with Driver), Rental Car Dumai (with driver).

Our fleet is toyota Kijang Innova which is clean, full AC, and friendly Driver.

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