4. Puri Sokasati Hotel

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Jasmine is one of the main options tourists see the price offered relatively cheap. In Bali itself usahahotel jasmine has a very flourishing, so the tourists will not be frantically looking for a cheap hotel in Bali. But for tourists in addition to low prices, facilities and ambience of the hotel rooms is also a consideration. When the idea of ​​a hotel called Puri Sokasati. Sokasati castle is one of the budget hotels are located in Denpasar, Bali, exactly in Jalan WR Supratman 168, Denpasar, opposite the East Denpasar District Office. Although located in the central area of ​​the city, the hotel is still able to present a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. To reach the hotel from Ngurah Rai International Airport you took about 35 minutes, for more details can be seen on the map:

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                 Hotel Puri Sokasati was founded in 1970 in the area of ​​± 10 acres. An early look at this hotel feature Balinese architecture which uses red brick and sandstone as the walls. In addition you will also be greeted by a blank bale small wooden carvings complete with its Bali. To complement the hotel appearance are neat gardens in every corner of the outer courtyard between the hotel and the park you will find a shrine of Hinduism. Cool and natural impression is strengthened by the use as a coating Paping road.

                When you enter the room area Hotel Puri Sokasati pandagan you will be directly fixed on a small park with greenery and a pond that surrounds a god Surya Pelinggih which is right in the middle Hotel. In addition there were also some Adenium plant, known as the Japanese Japanese Flowers in pots which fill the outskirts of the park. At the hotel accommodation area deliberately made into so far from the crowded street. Each hotel room is built manghadap park. On viewing the exterior of the hotel room you will find a strong impression bali building, in front of the room where there are pillars sturdy penyngga with traditional Balinese carvings at the top and bottom of the pole (in Bali called “pillars”). At every hotel room reserved lounge chairs of wood as a place to relax while enjoying a view of the garden. In addition to building the hotel rooms, there is a traditional Balinese buildings consisting of several wooden chairs and tables. This building can dimanaatkan as a small meeting or as a place to eat.

                Overall the room provided Hotel Puri Sokasati is as much as 20 rooms, each with an area of ​​3.5 m2 3.5x or approximately 12.25 m2. The type of hotel room is more towards economic strander with facilities generally 2 beds and a 14 inch TV. Each room itself is distinguished by the presence or absence of AC, the following divisions:No.FacilitiesPriceAmount1.Economy standards + fanRp. 85.000,0012 rooms2.Economy standards + ACRp. 150.000,008 rooms

                             Views room interior is made simple but gives the impression of a clean with the use of white paint. Rates above includes breakfast in the form of coffee or tea. But if you want to order something, you can order a small canteen disebuah stands beside the entrance area of ​​the hotel room.

                To start your journey in Bali you could look around there are some places in around the hotel. for those of you who prefer to buy clothes and accessories to children and adults you can visit Boutique Mutia and store peak reef was located about 100 meters from the hotel. For those of you who want to see the atmosphere of a traditional Balinese market you can visit the Market Ketapian within approximately 1 km from the hotel. The hotel is also close to an elementary school, elementary 1 Kesiman.

                For those of you who want to make a reservation you can directly come to this Sokasati hotel or can call the phone number in

                Tel: (0361) 228 107For reservations by phone you will be required to pay an advance of 50% of the total price of the room booked. Happy holidays …. ^ – ^

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