5 Best Hotel Near Airport Bandara SSK II Pekanbaru 

hotel is one of the most important facilities on your trip, because the
Hotel is a substitute for your home, and of course the Hotel we are
looking for is a Hotel that gives you the convenience of the traveler.
Comfort also includes the state of the Hotel clean, close to Public
facilities, easy access to eat places, and easy also Access to the

in Pekanbaru, now has many and varied, ranging from the classy like 5
star to 1 star Hotel, there is even a simple lodging, such as Lostmen
and Wisma.
For those of you who are simple of course prefer homestay, Homestay and other simple lodging. But for those of you who are business travelers and travelers who need
a comfortable Lodging would want to find a comfortable hotel,
comfortable, and close from public facilities.

Finding Hotels in Pekanbaru City is easy, because a lot of new hotels are popping up in Pekanbaru City. However
we TravelPekanbaru.com will now inform some of the nearby hotels of
Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport Pekanbaru, and the Hotel we recommend is
an easy Hotel access from SSK II Airport.
Many Also Hotels are close from SSK II Pekanbaru Airport but access to
Hotel Tersebut convoluted, meaning the path to the Hotel must be
spinning long ago, or vice versa you go to the airport Must go through
the path Spinning far, not to mention if you have to go through
jam-prone titk.

now this Hotel that we, we informed below, is a Classy Hotel, Easily
accessible from Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport Pekanbaru City:

  1. BATIQA HOTEL is a 3 Star Hotel, and its position is the closest position of Sultan Syarif Kasim Pekanbaru Airport. The hotel has good facilities. Position Hotel right on Jl. Sudirman No. 17, fitted once out of the gate of SSK II Pekanbaru Airport.
  2.  DREGO HOTEL is also a 3 star hotel Its position is also Near from Airport, you live Exit from Airport and Straight follow jl. Sudirman, and just look at the position of Hotel Drego on the left, ahead of Fly Over to jl. Imam Munandar (Harapan Raya) exact address Jl. Sudirman 182, Pekanbaru
  3. ALPHA
    HOTEL is a perfect hotel for you culinary lovers, because the position
    of this Hotel is located in the center of the crowd, precisely in
    Simpang Harapan.
    Hotel Aplha is clearly visible from Jl. Sudirman Pekanbaru. Easy access from the Airport, Places to eat around the Hotel is
    easy on Access, and you get Free Transportation from SSK II Airport
    HOTEL is a Hotel that is quite famous, especially you who are Padang
    people, rarely do not know premises Hotel Prince, and apparently Prince
    Hotel is also in Pekanbaru.
    precisely at Jl. Sudirman No. 371 -373. if you exit the airport the position of this Prince Hotel is on the right. and you must first play on Fly Over Harapan Raya,
  5.  HOTEL
    BINTANG LIMA, Well this one Hotel is quite different, because the
    position of this Hotel is located at Jalan Arifin Ahmad no.
    89 Pekanbaru, different from the previous Hotel which we discussed above that is Hotel located in Jl. Sudirman Pekanbaru. Five
    star hotel is quite strategic position from SSK II Airport Pekanbaru,
    if from the airport you live turn left, enter Jl.Arifin Ahmad, and the
    position of the hotel is also on the left, if we enter from Jl.
    Sudirman Pekanbaru.

Information Hotel is a short distance from SSK II Pekanbaru Airport,
hopefully this information can be useful and become a reference to
choose a comfortable hotel and according to your taste the traveler and
businessman who visit Pekanbaru, and Riau.

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