5 Travel Destinations in Padang and Surroundings That Will Make Your Vacation Memorable

1. Papan titian yang mengesankan – Banto Rayo

Ever imagined walking on a board bridge to surround the waters and mangroves with a beautiful and natural feel? Well, you can directly try it at Banto Rayo Koto Tangah Tourism Park, Tilatang Kamang Agam, which is one of the relatively new tourist destinations in Padang!

2. Bukti sejarah kejayaan Islam – Masjid Tuo Kayu Jao, Alahan Panjang, Sumatera Barat

Spiritual tourism in Padang? Really can! Tuo Kayu Jao Mosque is the oldest mosque in Minangkabau, which has reached more than 400 years old. Its unique shape and exotic location make this mosque a tourist destination in Padang that is worth visiting.

 3. Gugusan stalaktit dan stalakmit nyentrik – Goa Batu Kapal, Solok Selatan

Located in the largest oil palm plantation area in South Solok, Goa Batu Kapal is one of the ngehits tourist destinations in West Sumatra. Stalactite and stalagmite decorations on the cave walls that are so impressive are an attraction that cannot be missed!

4. Pulau yang menakjubkan – Pulau Pamutusan

Pamutus Island is one of the tourist destinations in Padang that you must visit. With so many beautiful spots and impressive landscapes, it is not unusual if this small island begins to seize the attention of many tourists. You can also snorkel around the island and enjoy the coral reefs.

 5. Membiru bersama hatiku – Danau Biru, Sawahlunto

Who would have thought that a former coal mining quarry could become a tourist destination in Padang and its exciting and charming surroundings. Blue Lake in Sawahlunto is one of them, where this artificial lake holds beautiful blue water. With a cool panorama around it, this location is guaranteed to be very instagenic.

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