Best 10 Place to Visit and Stay in Pekanbaru

Morning and Happy Weekend Traveler Pekanbaru, on my previous post admin,
has been sharing information about good eating place in the middle of
Pekanbaru city.

Pekanbaru City is a city whose
population consists of various regions, and various tribes that exist in
Indonesia, because it is also a lot of food and unique food types and
interesting to visit, here we Inform bebrapa Unique and Cool Place
Hanging out in Pekanbaru Riau.

  1. Hangout Place
    Asik here not only cafes and Restaurants are luxurious and majestic, but
    we classify based on the form of Dining (Restaurant / Cafe) and also
    the food available at Cafe and Restaurant we will discuss, the
    Gale Kakao dan Kopi, Galleri food 7 this one cafe, has a unique place, and has a place rich in typical art. menu here various kinds, coffee, kakai and others. Gale Cocoa and Coffee address is on Jl Dwikora, No 3A Gobah Pekanbaru.
  2.     Kedai JJF Panam Pekanbaru, Cafe this one is located on Jl. Garuda Sakti Pekanbaru. The cafe also provides a wide range of drinks and food. The atmosphere at this Cafe is teak, as if we were in a luxury house filled with ornaments made of Jati Jepara. Places to Match the Panam Region
  3.     Ware
    House Caffe Container, Cafe This one serves a place to drink coffee
    with different atmosphere, as if we are in Container Truck, this Cafe is
    located, Jl.
    Beringin Gobah Pekanbaru.
  4.     Tong Susu, is a Cafe located on Jl. Pineapple, Kec. Sukajadi. This Vafe has a Special Menu that provides a wide range of Prepared foods from Milk. Ornaments Cafe also brings us into the ancient House.
  5.     Warkop Suburb 45, Cafe presents a cool and comfortable hangout, its strategic position is located on Jl. Arifin Ahmad city Pekanbaru. Warkop This fringe is always crowded on a Saturday night. Photo Collections click Here
  6.     Cafe
    Gerobak Coklat, This Cafe is a Cafe pioneered by youth from solo, and
    currently has grown rapidly in Pekanbaru City, this Cafe presents leih
    of 70 kinds, processed foods Chocolate, with a delicious flavor.
    For those of you who want to try to hang out here, please just visit the chocolate cart at Jl. Tuanku Tambusai Ujung (Nangka) Pekanbaru. Places to Eat Chocolate Pekanbaru
  7.     Sky
    Garden Lounge and Resto, Cafe this one is quite different premises,
    Cafe is located in a high building, so can see the city of Pekanbaru
    from the height of 40 Meters.
    Complete choice of room, Uotdoor and Indoor. This cafe is located at Jl. Ahmad Yani, 12th Floor. The Peak Hotel and Apartement Building. See Pekanbaru from altitude in Pekanbaru.
  8.     Waroeng
    Wahid, Warung Wahid is a cafe that provides a wide range of beverages,
    and the place is unique as we are in sebuha ancient house, and
    accesories in it also support.
    this Wahid 

Best 10 Place to Visit and Stay in Pekanbaru

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