Cheap Rent Car in Padang and Bukittinggi

City is a capital of western sumatra province that is rich in human
resources, because in this city, is a city with educational center on
the island of Sumatra in the past, until now the city of Padang is also
well known with the city of education, many gave birth to young scholars
who take a lot in
National and International world.

Around the city of the fields are present cities that are also supported by natural tourism resources. Lots
of tourist attractions that exist around for example in Bukittinggi
City there Jam Gadang relic of the Dutch era, there Fort De Kock, View
Sianok Canyon.
to the east there Solok City adjacent to the lake Singkarak whose natural beauty is not less beautiful. Not far from the town of Solok there is Mount Talang, which from the
summit of Mount Talang tesrsebut there is also a beautiful view of Upper
Lake, Lower Lake and also Talang Lake.

If people travel to some areas in West Sumatra is certainly through
the city of Padang, because the only airport in West Sumatra is Minang
Kabau International Airport.

be a good Tourism City of course must be supported by adequate
infrastructure, be it in the field of Government, Access to the location
of Tourism, or Transport to the place of Tours.
those of you who have difficulty to access to the sights, and need a
safe and convenient transportation following we inform some cheap Car
Rental in Padang City.

Cheap Car Rental in Padang City
Padang Tourism Bus Rental
Cheap Car Rental Bukittinggi and Padang

Here are the reasons Why to rent a Car in Padang City is

  • Our friendly service
  •  Our fleet is clean and healthy
  •  Mastering more mouse paths in case of congestion during holidays
  •  More control over access to tourist sites in West Sumatra
  •  Working closely with some of the attractions around the city of padang

 For negotiation and rental Car in Bukittinggi and Padang Contact:

Hafis Rent Car
Hp. 0822 8317 4231 (WhatsApp)

Car Rental Matic in Padang
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