Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Administration of China
(CNTA), agreed to curb the tourism industry that is unprofessional and
detrimental to tourists.

agreed to in the black list, because tourism is a business based on
service, so that the commitment and professionalism of these ecosystems
become main bet in order to be sustainable,” said Tourism Minister Arief
Yahya said in a meeting with the Chairman of CNTA Lin Jinzao series of
China International Travel Market (
CITM) in Shanghai November 11 to 13, 2016.

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According Menpar, tour operators and travel agencies that violate the commitment to the customer must be dealt with firmly. Tourism industry players who are not professionals would be very
disruptive and damaging the future of the business tourism sector.

CNTA has made several provisions to regulate the tourism industry such
as travel agents are not professional to provide comfort to the
tourists during a tour in China.

/ Mukhamad KURNIAWAN Sights on The Bund, one of the favorite locations
of tourists, at Jalan Zhongshan Shanghai, China, Sunday (08/23/2015).
In addition to taking pictures, the site became a rallying point to enjoy the bustling city studded with light at night.Related CITM, Menpar Arief said, “First we are certainly grateful to
China for a growing number of its tourist visiting Indonesia”.

“Right now the number one position has been to Indonesia, shifting
Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and Korea. Our 2019 forecast is 20
million tourists go to Indonesia, and about 50 percent or 10 million of
which came from China,” he said.

Related to that, tourism cooperation with China is very important to develop. Kemenpar will also increasingly focus on the promotion of ‘Great China’, namely China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.(READ: Tourist Working on China and India, Indonesia Keep Flights Direct)

On that occasion Menpar back program emphasizes improving connectivity through direct flights are constantly being developed.

Direct flights from China to Indonesia is still very low, an average
of 37 percent, far behind Singapore, Malaysia especially Thailand which
is already above 80 percent.

ARCHIVE KOMPAS TV Kemaro Island in Palembang, South Sumatra.Menpar also again invited Chinese investors to invest in Indonesia, particularly in the tourism sector.

“We invite Chinese investors in the tourism sector to invest in
Indonesia, which has attractions based on natural, cultural and man-made
that is growing. It is time now for the long-term investment in
tourism,” he said.

2016 in Indonesia to promote the ten leading destinations, among
others, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang (Joglosemar), with displays of
Borobudur and Raja Ampat.

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