What’s Bali’s Hottest New Destination?

Bedugul is growing up. We discovered some beautiful
new attractions on our recent trip that will change the way we enjoy
Bedugul forever. Not only will you love it, you might also learn


Secret Garden Village

This Secret should not be kept. A little trip to Bedugul revealed this gorgeous educational tourism facility called Secret Garden Village
Bedugul. With a natural cosmetics plant and traditional beauty museum
and a coffee roasting and tasting house, it’s surrounded by beautiful
scenery and designed by the same architect who created Potato Head and Katamama.
Two restaurants and a sweet cafe overlooking the expansive garden and
majestic mountains, offer delicious traditional Indonesian and western
food, creatively plated and beautifully prepared.


Education meets tourism

Learn about the medicinal plants used by Indonesian healers, taste
the famous coffees of the archipelago, (you’ll need to pay close
attention here as the method is much like olive oil tasting), and meet a
pair of luwaks, something you don’t often see. A wedding chapel is
under construction and villas will soon be added. Secret garden is a
revelation and the architecture alone gives you a clue that this is
something special, it’s about preserving the culture and offering
educational tours that offer insight into two of the country’s biggest
industries, natural cosmetics and coffee. Well worth a visit, and give
yourself some time as you will want to hang out, enjoy the food and the
coffee and soak up the views.


Royal Tulip Saranam Resort & Spa


Still a month away from completion, The Royal Tulip Saranam is
Bedugul’s first five-star resort built on a stunning gorge that offers
spectacular views over the rice fields and the surrounding mountains.
The restaurant is your first glimpse of something special with Canadian
chef, Michael, serving up a menu that takes full advantage of the
location in Bali’s green belt, bursting with colour and freshness and
sparkling with personality and skill. He trip to bedugul will definitely
benefit from a stop here even if just for afternoon tea. Surrounded by
picture windowns that offer up great views, this is stlish and chilled,
just how you want bedugul to be.

The wellness Centre


With an in-house Ayurvedic doctor (named Deepak of all things, no
relation), a dedicated wellness centre will have guests lining up for
wellness checks at the new 5-star resort. Guests can book in for a full
program or simply meet with Deepak for a health check. An Ayurvedic menu
can be personalised for each client, for those who want to completely
immerse themselves in the 3,5 or 7-day programs, or simply follow an a
la carte approach. Yoga, spa treatments, meditation and nature walks can
be combined with tours of Bedugul’s many attractions. Mountain life
just took a step up the star ladder and The Royal Tulip is a truly
beautiful resort waiting to welcome a new generation of travellers.

Bedugul attractions:

tree-top-adventure-in-baliPhoto courtesy of @annatgrosaas on Instagram
The famous Botanical gardens in Bedugul are also home to Treetops,
making this a fabulous day trip for the whole family, Tarzan call
anyone? The markets are justifiably famous here with local growers
brining their fresh produce to market daily. The lake at Bedugul is home
to plenty of activities. Temples, heritage rice fields, organic farms
and lookouts over amazing views make Bedugul a popular destination.

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