BIAN (Karina Salim), as has everything. Beautiful face, elite house in Jakarta and a handsome boyfriend. The reality is quite different. Since childhood, Bian always live in fear. The PAPA (Ray Sahetapy) is known as a respectable politician, often domestic violence against MAMA (Unique Priscilla).
Bian caught her boyfriend, Pras (Kiki Farel), had an affair with Letisha (Adina Thomas), Bian friend since childhood. Bian decided to leave home and studying in Yogyakarta.
Bian who stay at home BUDE (Dewi Irawan) along KEVIN (Ridwan Ghany) cousin, turned into a quiet girl and always shut down. He always refused when Rinta (sahila hisyam) boyfriend Kevin intends to introduce Bian with friends boyfriend.
Until Bian met a young man named GABRIEL giant (Abrar Adrian) in a quiet corner of campus. Bian recognize Gabriel who’ve helped him in Trans Jakarta. This makes the memorable meeting Bian request information from a fellow student, VANESSA (Stella Cornelia).
Relief Vanessa made Bian know if Gabriel also worked as a newspaper journalist. After reading article after article written Gabriel, Bian became increasingly amazed and fall in love.
While Gabriel actually trying to pursue his dream to continue studying S2 in Europe. With
the help of MAS Angkola (DWI SASONO), an eccentric genius who is also
the owner of the newspaper where he worked, Gabriel finally get a
Falling in love is the last thing on his mind, but fate would. Sincerity and gentleness Bian, making Gabriel who is often called a monster of Jogja opened her heart.
But the trauma of the past Bian making often misunderstand the actions Gabriel.
when Kevin armed with mobile video recording, accused Gabriel as a
handyman womanizing like Papa, right around the time comes news that
Mama was hospitalized for Papa.
Bian any past wounds re-open. Do Bian will fight for their love, or let it disappear and go away?

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