tourist from France, Fusliier Mathieu, secured the security of Borobudur
Temple Tourism Park because it uses a sickle shirt with a hammer
Mathieu secured when going to enter the entrance of Borobudur Temple Tourism Park (TWCB).
The information was originally circulated in message sender application groups. The picture of Mathieu is flanked by security and members of TNI from Koramil 19 Borobudur.“Officer noticed there was a guest wearing a red T-shirt with a sickle
hammer logo,” wrote the information source in WhatsApp group.

Mathieu was then interrogated by members of TNI by requesting the help of a tour guide named Mura. When asked, why use a sickle hammer shirt, Mathieu claimed not to know at all if the logo is strictly prohibited in Indonesia.

“I bought the T -shirt in Vietnam for US $ 3. I went from Vietnam to Borobudur Temple and plan to proceed to Bali, “he said.

After mediation, Mathieu gladly handed over the T-shirt bearing the sickle hammer to the security. He also claimed to have no interest whatsoever on the PKI. He just did not know and it was the only clothes he bought from Vietnam. So instead, the TWCB manager gave Mathieu a blue T-shirt with a picture of Borobudur Temple.

Mathieu was released because the security guards judged that there were no things to worry about. He
left the temple security post without escort from the security of the
temple and went up to Borobudur again because he had not had time to
take pictures.
The 39-year-old tourist admitted that he came to Indonesia himself. No one tells him if the emblem of the sickle hammer is strictly forbidden in Indonesia. *

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