communities around special economic zones (SEZ) Tanjung Lesung
described the condition of the Banten pride beach tourism in the last 20
With a state of “suspended animation” as such, the community around
the tourist area of ​​Tanjung Lesung can not expect much of the region
would encourage their welfare.
Look at the condition of Kampung Cikadu, the village of Tanjung Jaya adjacent to the area of ​​Tanjung Lesung.Directly adjacent to the Tanjung Lesung, Kampung Cikadu very poor condition. The houses are shacks with dirt floors and bamboo walls, coloring most of the roads damaged Kampung Cikadu. With the condition of the road is narrow, rocky, and potholes, road
Kampung Cikadu seems to have never felt how strong the smooth asphalt or
to history, as told Dadi Ahdi, Chairman of the Village Consultative
Body (BPD) Tanjung Jaya, Kampung Cikadu formed from the result of the
relocation of residents when there is eviction Tanjung Lesung
attractions, more than 20 years ago.
“Tanjung Dimples can not be separated from society Cikadu, vice versa,” he told KONTAN, some time ago.He
tells, then, in addition to receiving compensation, each family also
received a land area of ​​200 square meters that is now used as a
Cikadu village community life does not develop in tune with the
condition of tourist arrivals in Tanjung Lesung also “suspended
Quiet the flow of tourists not able to lift the economy of the surrounding area. To
be honest, W. Widiasmanto, General Manager (GM) Tanjung Lesung Beach
Resort, said the occupancy rate for hotels in Tanjung Lesung on average
only about 25%.
In fact, to be able to survive at least the occupancy rate of hotels in Tanjung Lesung to be above 35% -40%. “Therefore, we targeted occupancy will rise more than 50%,” he said.Besides
expect completion of construction of the motorway Serang-Panimbang and
other infrastructure development, a program was executed to achieve
these targets.
Promotions and offers tour packages will be more of them do, in the hope of tourist traffic levels will rise. In line with the increase in the level of tourist traffic, local community economy was expected also going up.Problem empowerment, Widiasmanto claim, it is difficult to do the maximum. “90% of our employees to reach about 250 people is the local workforce,” he said.In
addition the company also has built educational facilities such as
schools and health clinics in the village of Tanjung Jaya for local
The hotel also provides a place to sell handicraft products to visitors of the hotel residents.“People want to be more involved,” said Santa, PJS Coconut village of Tanjung Jaya. Moreover, according to Santa, strategic areas at the edge of the road
to Tanjung Lesung largely been controlled by the people of Jakarta.
calls, more than 700 families in the village of Tanjung Jaya, mostly
subsistence farmers and fishermen, are still in a disadvantaged status.
One reason, the low level of public education. With a low level of education, the local community was not able to
occupy a good position in the existing hotels in Tanjung Lesung.
Santa also complained of village infrastructure is inversely related to the conditions in the region of Tanjung Lesung KEK. Therefore, it has several times asked for help to Tanjung Lesung to repair roads. However, until now it has not been realized demand.Education
and infrastructure issues are also the focus of empowerment that will
be carried out by the Provincial Government of Banten.
Moh. Fadillah Ali, Head of Culture and Tourism Banten province who is also
Secretary of the KEK Board of Banten province, said the government will
build schools and develop tourism in the tourist village outside Tanjung
Lesung supporters.
Educational tourism is built to meet the needs of human resources (HR) at KEK Tanjung Lesung. “If tourists more and more, the human resource needs are also increasing,” he said. With the travel school, local HR expected to be able to meet the labor market in the economic area cape dimples. Regarding the time when the school was built, said Ali, expected to be realized within this year.While two of the tourist village to be developed is the village Cikadu and Cipanon. “We will raise his grade,” promises Ali. Kampung Cikadu directed as agricultural tourism village. While Cipanon, will be developed into a marine-based tourism village. With the marine base, then Cipanon will be developed into a center for sport diving.To make Cikadu and Cipanon as a tourist village, Ali claimed to have been coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism. Later there will be the training and development of infrastructure in order to two locations bis

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