Welcome to Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel and Resort

Where is Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel and Resort

Welcome to Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel and ResortExclusive Destination on The West CoastTanjung Lesung located on the western tip of Java island located in a peninsula (Cape) which is beautiful and is a haven for pecintai beach and coastal living.

With the wealth of nature that is still virgin, untouched and local potentials that exist around the region; Tanjung Lesung integrated tourism area offers millions unforgettable experience.

As one tourist destination with exclusive beach atmosphere, at the western tip of Java island, a wide selection of exclusive accommodation in the form of villas, cottages and hotels on offer to complement your special events, such as:
– Family Day 
– Holidays Keluaga 
– Company Gathering 
– Family Gathering
 – Gathering Outbound 
– Meeting
 – School Farewel Party
 – Or other special occasions such as: Exhibition, Product Launch
 – Etc. 
Various facilities are available for your activities during in Tanjung Lesung, ranging from water sports (water sports), learning tennis, learn golf, cycling, beach volleyball, until the activities fun games / fun team building outbound.
The Beautiful of Tanjung Lesung Beach
Route to Tanjung Lesung Beach

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