The Legend of Poko in Pasumpahan Padang”Malin, I’m your mother.” The woman sobbed while the twist-lintir end of the scarf. The tears streaked fell to the sand beach manih water.

“No, you’re not my mother.” Malin replied sternly but clumsy, rigid eyes glancing toward his beautiful wife with a very, very unusual taste, innocent.

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Vacation is an activity that is actually what you need. Vacation is something that is considered less important, but actually it is able to bring positive energy holiday in our life when you feel bored with the daily pile load very much.

Various work activities and everyday problems demand that we have to sacrifice a lot of energy and mind.

Speaking of the holidays, be thankful we live in Indonesia. An abundance of natural charm and marvelous places have been available around us.

There are so many nice places and beautiful waiting to be approached, realms that are still beautiful and natural looking to be explored.

One of the main spots of interest is a beautiful small island named Pasumpahan. It lies in the waters Bungus, Gulf of mourning, the city of Padang, West Sumatra.

Ever heard the folklore about Malin Kundang very famous?

The island is named Pasumpahan is believed related to folklore circulating in the community.

If seen from its name, the island is believed to be the incarnation of Malin Kundang was cursed (sworn) by his mother.

Pasumpahan indeed very beautiful, despite its small size is only about 5 hectares but it saves immense charm, what’s interesting is when you look at the
sea off the island, you will find the color is divided into three colors.

From the shore you will get a feel of clear water, leading to the next color is green, and when it is in the middle you will see blue outspread.

For activities diving and snorkeling is not something that is unquestionable, because the beauty of the underwater world of Indonesia is indeed unbeatable, where these waters you will be able to find lots of marine animals such as the red lion fish to sea cucumbers and various coral reefs gorgeous results of rehabilitation and transplant.

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The full Story is here: Malin and his entourage left the shore, a strong wind blowing palm trees until Uyung. Lightning that like a rock band Rock concert being.

Duaaarr duaarrr …. Malin Mandeh memilu face, crying united in a sudden storm comes (when the weather was just ordinary).

His eyes stared at departure languid swing Malin arrogant toward luxury ship belonging to the wealthy in-laws. Tucked dry in the lip prayer to the frail woman “You’re the prodigal son, I curse you to stone.” The curse it boomed the universe, thunder roar rose 8 octaves, firmer and more jarring.

Curse Mandeh Malin effect, the ship master roll, the storm swept away, the end of the story as we know all, Malin finally stone. Taraaa …

Well, it was a phenomenal very famous fairy tale seantaro archipelago, where fairy tales were immortalized into a fictitious monument in the coastal region of sweet water.

If been to the beach sweet water, will better know what his stone appearance, its form like a bow between the pieces of the ship. And it’s not a real person who transformed into stone, was only designed to revive the legend of Si Malin Kundang famous prodigal son.

Other sources other story. I and my friends was stranded perform trip to an island named Pasumpahan …

Wow, the name of its course already sounds mystical. But do not ask thrill there, white sand as soft as snow, coral reefs pretty and original as well as fish nemo sassy be a cleansing of tired us when traveling there, the ride was thrilling belly Because road conditions are still very, very minimal government attention, rocky and pebbly sharp, do not Ask the hole in each corner there.  

If automatic rain and muddy, plus the location diperbukitan, as a result we and his friends up the mountain valley turunin motorhome with trembling lips vibrating scene because the roads are uneven.

Back to the source. Informant tells us that this time the story is the mother beautiful and kind-hearted wife of Mr. Ali, a fisherman of our subscription, the
subscription rental boats meant.

The mother tells the original story of a man who supposedly said Malin Kundang, the legend was here, in this banana river area, and the islands as witnesses, the mother pointed to three beautiful islands in there with any gallant #Loh.  

First Name Malin kundang si si Poko turns out is not Bram or Jimmy, he was the only child of the mother named .. heemm, (Ga tau at the same cation narsumnya) we call it Flower times yes ..

The mother of flowers is very fond of the Poko, and on the age of the Poko already teenagers, the POKO has a desire to go abroad like men minang most.

The mother let him go willingly, hoping her baby back with success someday and pick up the mother flower kampong page. But what will happen is, Poko lawless, he admits that it is not his mother, cruel, too, eventually the mother cursing the Poko be into rock. Curse it breaks down into three islands.

Big island of the Poko, form like boat capsized and reportedly said, in the body of the island there was indeed a job like the hull.  

Where the stranded POKO into stone? Pasumpahan namely on the island, where the mother Flowers swear, the Poko transformed into a hill-shaped people are prostrate, can be seen later klo popped into Pasumpahan. The third island is sikuai, already familiar with sikuai? Ntar gw kenalin in other editions. Sikuai a witness noisy (opposite of the silent witness) oath-sumpahan events, everyone berkuai-kuai (Yelling) saw scenes of sadistic condemnation of the Poko into stone, weewww … (apocryphal why so devastated like this?)

So, klo we take a stroll to the river banana, we will see the three islands, first, the island of the Poko shaped boat capsized, then Pasumpahan the hill was shaped people prostrate then island sikuai famous, where he had to take stock roles in the original version of the fairy tale river villagers banana “Si Malin Kundang Poko aka the children of disobedience” as a place where people berkuai-kuai (Shouts and cry) and also as a place to deliver an announcement to the people on every vessel that comes.

His legend already ya …. gw now it’s time to tell you about the access (the term is itenary yah?) to achieve Pasumpahan nan Indah.

The first and main one, we went to the area bungus sackcloth bay that are in the desert south of the city, the highway to the south coast.

At the end of bungus districts, we turned into a small junction on the right road (Klo in doubt, ask lah, let guns go astray streets).

This is the path to the river village of bananas, bananas to go to the river can be used for motorcycles, cars (Rental or Personal) or use a motorcycle taxi that in about IDR 20 thousand rupiahs brandol price at the time.

Arriving at the Banana River, we can rent a fishing boat with a minimum price range Rp 500 ribu perkapal.

If I join together, can rent fishing boats subscriptions gw, whose name Mr. Ali was already gw consider themselves loh parents.

The father and his good lady really, their hospitality throughout the typical hospitality of Indonesia who have antero world famous.

If has been able to ship, adventures we stayed an inch or 5cm longer (Already really nearby), to achieve Pasumpahan, takes Only 15 minutes, when she reached the Pasumpahan we are greeted with a tiny uninhabited, with white sand as soft as snow plus reef captivate.  

If owner of the island again stay there, usually the visitors held HTM (tickets) only IDR 15 rupiahs per-person, but the occupants if not wrong, it still
free …. Lol ….

Having set foot in Pasumpahan, further activities up to you … 😛 …

If I go there liked his nge-camp, snorkeling, fishing fish at the dock but if his fish guns go kepancing, stay setop fishing boat then buy fresh fish
at a price that is skewed, then on fuel while enjoying the beauty of the sunset pampering brain neurons that have started down syndrome tired of the problems facing the world … hahaha …. Yuk Ayuk to Pasumpahan.

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