quite busy lately. This make me takes some time to write regarding our
last vacation. We spent 3D2N for our latest trip at Bukit Tinggi and
Padang (23 July – 25 July 2009). This had been our 3rd time together
been in Indonesia (4th or 5th time for me myself) and was the first time
for Sue and Faizal (our best friend) been in Indonesia (just like
couple honeymoon present for us). We had planned to go since the end of
December last year. The return flight ticket just only cost us RM 70
(including the tax) perperson. Very cheap rite?


arrived at LCCT at 12.30 pm and having lunch at Marry Brown. The flight
departed from LCCT at 2.30 pm (after delayed for about 15 minutes) and
we arrived savely at Minangkabau airport at 3 pm Indonesia time. After
we met the tourist guide (or supir they called it here), we headed
straight to Bukit Tinggi. From the airport it took about 3 hours to
arrive Bukit Tinggi. The petrol cost you about Rp 169276 or RM 60.61
(according the current foreign exchange rate). During the journey we had
called on a few places such as Puteri Minang, Pariaman, Puncak
Kiambang, lots of shop houses specialized in embroidery and sulam goyang
telekung. One of the attraction was the waterfall named “Lembah Anai”
that have Telaga Tiga. According to the tourist guide name Saiful Ikhlas
(he said that he is one of saiful apek good friend heheh), he mentioned
that the water from Telaga Tiga could give us energy and it is believe
that could make us “look younger” by cleansing our face.. hehe We could
see that most of the houses are using “parabola” to get good channel in
their houses.. will be many channel..what a shock coz in Malaysia the
government didn’t allow us to use it.. .Huhu On the way to Bukit Tinggi,
we learned lots of words that you could use or couldnt use at Bukit


Do learn yourself ok:

(sudu) = means KISSES so better use Senduk teh (for teaspoon), Senduk
Makan (for tablespoon) & Senduk nasi (for bigger scoop)

STRAW = they don’t understand this words, better to use PIPET

KAHWIN = is prohibited to be use in local languages coz it means &%#*@! (you understand what i mean rite?) better to use NIKAH

KONA – terengganu languages (Corner) = is also prohibited to be used coz it means prostitution

made stopped at few shop houses and boutique and bought few cloth for
our sibling for this coming hari raya.. We arrived at Ambun Suri Hotel
at 8 pm and take our bath and straight away went to cultural
performances nearby the hotel. After finished the performances we return
to hotel and had enough rest.


wake up early had breakfast and ready to check out. We headed to Hjh
Rosma house to see how the sulam goyang is done. During the journey we
had stopped by at

1. Soraya Bordir
2. Butik Annisa (the owner actively had business at Malaysia and she come to Malaysia once 1 month)
Satu Karya (pandai Sikek) – where they made hand made songket and Pak
Lah our late Prime Minster also bought the songket from here for a few
thousand for his akad nikah to Jeanne. I also have tried to made songket
here and the process was quite hard. Need to count one by one threads..
4. Pasar Bukit Tinggi – here you could buy everything and the
price is cheaper, the bargaining power is better than other places and
you could get the cheapest price here at very good quality item.
Pondok Flora – very nice Rumah Makan (restaurant) with beautiful paddy
fields scenery.. very nice food and environment to relax
6. Istana
Pagar Ruyung – we went but Saiful said that the palace is still in
progress becos it had been on fire in 2007 after been catch by strong
thunder and storm after heavily rain.
7. Si Linduang Bulan Palace –
This palace name but it is very nice structured even though it skewness
made me feel excited to go inside. Hehe
8. Makam Raja at Pagar Ruyung
9. Again at Annisa and Cany Boutique

do stopped by at few places on the way back to Padang but I could’nt
remember all those names (may be if you have time you could come to our
house and watch the video that we recorded) At nite we had dinner at
Rumah Makan Pak Datuk.. good food at reasonable price all food are Nasi
Padang style. We arrived at Pangeran City Hotel and I had a body massage
at Hotel because so exhausted. It only cost you for RM 30 per hours.
Cheap rite?

activities and we decided to have a walk to Pasar padang becos it is
just nearby the Hotel. We went for our last shopping here and bought few
items here. Then we return to hotel and ready to go back coz our flight
was at 2 pm from Minangkabau Airport and reached LCCT at 4 pm. We had
not enough time to visit Lobang Jepang and Malim Kundang area that had a
story tale about a man who become stone near the beach. Insyaallah next
time we come back have a visit there. There are some photos during the
vacation.. (if you would like to see more you could come to my house

embroidery cloth
ready made blouse.. i bought this

nice design kebaya

in front of Instano Si Linduang Bulan

@ Hjh Rosma’s learning centre
as soon as we reach Minangkabau International Airport.. happy and
loving couple ever.. thanks sayang for this lovely wedding anniversary

health declaration status as foreigner.. good H1N1 prevention from the country same action done by Ministry of Health, Malaysia
as we get in the cabin.. need to wear face mask (on the way to Bukit Tinggi)

minang traditional dance and performing arts

dinner at one of famous rumah makan at Bukit Tinggi (forgot its name..)

sue and me at Cany boutique (they sell lots of embroidery cloth, telekung, kain sarung, silk and also baju koko)

dance during the performing arts (they are dancing on the broken
plate.. quite scary but amazingly they are not bleeding even little)

one of our friend (faizal on the left) was called to join the performance..see the other tourist excited to try the instrument?

my hubby is busy calculating cash at one of money changer c.u.m holiday agent
at bukit tinggi (the rate are quite good here)

martial arts performance (my husband said its look like same what he’s
learned about silat cekak ustaz hanafi) at the back side was the dancers
for tarian piring (plate dance where they put burning candle on top of
the plate)

early in the morning pose hehe

embroidery (sulam goyang) at hjh rosma. Really nice and you could stay
and learn for fee. No school fees , but need only to pay the food and
the housing rental to stay. Nice to hear that rite?

our journey to Bukit Tinggi from Padang. We stopped by at Puncak
Kiambang. This is the highest/ top of the Hill. Very nice and cold
scenery.. like Cameron Highlands (but colder than CH)
& me.. at Pondok Flora (very nice lunch places.. where we had our
lunch while experience the vast extent of padi fields scenery
surrounding and also where we could see fish under the hunt)

this is our lunch at Pondok Flora ( this made us confuse which one to have first..)

again .. pose from Pondok Flora.. (this is the nicest places to have food) village environment.. nice and peace

engrave agreement done by Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan and the
Pagar Ruyung Government on a stone in front of the Palace

Istano Si Linduang Bulan (I was very excited with the skewness)

at Satu Karya (Pandai Sikek) .. they sell embroidery cloth, capal
(malay hand made slippers), telekung and lots of other things such
souveniers etc

in front of Satu Karya in front of our transport Xenia (Avanza in Malaysia)

at Putri Minang (they also sell embroidery items.. such as pillow, cloth, telekung etc)

our second nite dinner at Rumah Makan Pak Datuk.. nice food here (Faizal was busy karaoke here.. hehe Dangdut song)

hubby and me at the back of our transport

this is one of secondary school in Padang ( negeri sembilanians you all
should proud coz they had this school – SMK Negeri 9, Padang)

Taxi in Padang (my little bro will like this.. hehe “Pimp My Ride”) very creative

one of the biggest mosque at Padang (located next to our hotel, town and the market at padang)

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