What Really happens in Bali Indonesia

is a TV Serial in Australia.

Suddenly in viral Instagram photo of a Balinese gate with a red crackle on it.
Red crackle was not tarpaulins or the like, or which is intended to cover the building.
The gate is a gate Art Center, which is located in Denpasar, Bali.
Shortly thereafter, there was also a photograph showing a pavilion on
Sanur Beach, Bali whose roof is also covered in red crackle.
A modern-style building wrapped in crumpled plastic that is also red.malu.dong

malu.dongInitially netizens did not expect what you see.
How come there is plastic bag there?
Which may be a plastic bag which like the trash that covered the building for it?
Even if there were such enormous crackle, what purpose is placed in such a manner?
But it turns out, this is the truth.
The crackle platik it turns out is a broadside a community on the island.
The community is formed because they are concerned about the state of the Bali increasingly filled with garbage.
And here we get to know Bali is an area which maintain environmental sustainability and human right.
This artificial image as well as a satire if humans continue to
maintain a litter, ultimately shape the environment so no unsightly.
Judging from Instagram @ malu.dong, this community calls itself as a community ‘Shame Virus Spreader Empty Trash Gratuitous’.malu.donginstagram.com/malu.dong
The plan, dated April 22 and 23 they will hold an event related to public awareness Bali to not litter.
This event will be held in Puputan Square, Denpasar, Bali.
Previously, they do not hesitate to get around an area just for picking up trash.
Unlimited people, young children and adults did.So far, it has been given the likes drawing hundreds of times and in regram hundreds of times also by netizens.malu.donginstagram.com/malu.dong
Not only Malu Dong communities, many other communities that have been moved to Bali realize a cleaner future.
Well, how in your own area?

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