David aka Athiam (47), one of the four defendants delivery of 270 kg of methamphetamine, did not receive a death sentence judges High Court (PT) field that amplifies the first instance verdict. He appealed to the Supreme Court (MA).

“True, David aka Athiam defendant filed an appeal to the Supreme
Court,” said the public prosecutor (prosecutor) Sindu Hutomo, Monday
Because David’s appeal, prosecutors also filed an appeal. “We’re stacking counter cassation,” said Sindu.
three other defendants were also sentenced to death, namely Ayau (40),
Lukmansyah Bin Nasrul (36), and Jimmi Syahputra Bin Rusli (27) has not
taken a stance.
Though already passed 14 days after the decision of the judges is high. “Hence deemed to accept,” said Sindu.
Previously, the appeal of David alias Athiam (47), home delivery services entrepreneur Bengkalis, Riau; Ayau (40) resident of Bengkalis, Riau; Lukmansyah Bin Nasrul (36), a resident of Kota Dumai, security officer; and Jimmi Syahputra Bin Rusli (27) resident Pancur Batu, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, was rejected. The
judges PT Medan, consisting of Bantu Ginting, Sabar Tarin Sibero, and
Dharma E Damanik, upheld the verdict handed down death sentence the
District Court (PN) field.
They still impose the death penalty to the four defendants.
David aka Athiam, Ayau, Lukmansyah Bin Nasrul, and Jimmi Syahputra
Rusli Bin, was sentenced to death in the trial in the Medan District
Court on Wednesday (22/6).
The penalty was imposed judges chaired by Asmar.
fourth defendant is declared to have violated Article 114 paragraph (2)
in conjunction with Article 132 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 on
Narcotics, according the primary charge.
They were proven legally and convincingly guilty without right or
unlawful conduct conspiracy to receive 270 kg of methamphetamine from
China shipped via Malaysia.
As reported, the four defendants in the case, was arrested for taking delivery of 270 kg of Chinese origin. Sabu was entered through Dumai via Malaysia.
Delivery of methamphetamine was dismantled National Narcotics Agency (BNN) on October 17, 2015 afternoon. Earlier, on October 10, 2015, Customs Dumai get information about their shipping 45 boxes containing 265 water filter. Once checked in the water filter was found after the white crystals were tested turned out to be a drug.
officers who have to coordinate with BNN then repack the imported goods
as before and sent through expeditions to Irwan Anthony alias Tony to
address Warehouse Jade City Square Jalan Yos Sudarso km 11.5 Titipapan
Village, Medan Deli.
The shipment arrived at the warehouse on October 17, 2015.
Jimmi was already waiting in the warehouse. Once the goods are unloaded from the truck, Jimmi sign a receipt for the goods, the officer immediately arrested. BNN officers confiscated 45 boxes containing 265 packs of shabu-shabu with a gross weight of 270,227.8 grams.
After development, Ayau, Athiam and Lukmansyah was arrested in Riau. While the other actors, namely Irwan Anthony alias Tony managed to escape.
Based on the indictment, drug shipments were done at the behest of Lau Lay Aan alias An alias Jacky, boss of Malaysia. If successful transporting it, Athiam will get USD 600 million. He also has received the transfer of operational funds amounting to Rp 300 million. Ayau has 4 times the sending methamphetamine to Medan. Each weighing 40 kg. He is paid between Rp 40 million to Rp 60 million in each shipment.

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