Smog blanket Pekanbaru to SingaporeJerome Wirawan BBC IndonesiaImage caption haze began to envelop the city of Pekanbaru, Riau, on Saturday (27/8).The smog began to envelop the city of Pekanbaru, Riau Province, on Saturday (27/8). The condition was also experienced by neighboring Singapore.Reporters in Pekanbaru, Besta Junandi, reported visibility is limited to a radius of 2,500 meters due to the haze.“Rather thick fog this morning, but now is not too dominant. Residents also nothing to wear a mask, “said Besta.

    Hundreds of hotspots springing up in Sumatra
Beginning in July, ‘burning’ forest and land in Riau soared
The case of forest fires stopped, the police did not seriously?In Pekanbaru, air pollution standard index (ISPU) shows the
concentration of PM10 particulates are at the level of 142 micrograms
per cubic meter, Saturday (27/8) at 07.00.
As in Palembang, partukulat PM10 concentrations are at the level of 223.27 micrograms per cubic meter at 10.00.Image copyright YusfebriImage caption Fog restrict the view of the residential area in Singapore, Saturday (27/8).Limit the concentration of air pollution that is still being considered is 150 micrograms per cubic meter. On top of these figures, air pollution categorized as unhealthy. In fact, a break of 350 micrograms per cubic meter, air pollution is considered dangerous.Smog SingaporeSimilar to the situation in Pekanbaru in Singapore.Yusfebri Mianta, an Indonesian citizen who resides in the country, said it was feeling the effects of smoke since Friday (26/8).Image copyright ReutersImage caption Singaporeans began to wear a mask to reduce the impact of smoke on health since Friday (26/8).“The smell of smoke is very smell, especially when the winds. Therefore, the window in the apartment, I close the meeting. The view from the apartment building also started to faint, “said Yusfebri told BBC Indonesia, Jerome Wirawan.Similar disclosed Veralin Anna, a mother with two children who settled in Singapore. According to him, due to the impact of smoke began to be felt, he deliberately restrict activities outside the home.“Outdoor activities leading to reduced. If you do not have to really do not have to leave the house. Even out of the house, the mask is always in the bag, “he said.Data
Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) said Pollutant Standards
Index (PSI), which includes the monitoring of six pollutants reach 143
in the west and north of the city at 07:00 local time.
Then at 12.00, reached 137 PSI.PSI below 200 categorized as ‘unhealthy’, and above 201 to 300 ‘very unhealthy’. The figure exceeded 300 are considered ‘dangerous’.Hotspots increasedHaze in Pekanbaru and Singapore are associated with increased hotspots (hotspots) in Sumatra, especially in Riau Province.Image copyright ReutersImage caption On Friday (26/8), the wind blowing the smoke of forest fire in Sumatra to Singapore.Satellite
based monitoring and the National Aeronautics Space Agency (LAPAN),
Saturday (27/8), the number of hotspots in Sumatra reached 65 and 61 of
which are located in Riau.
The number rose 10 points from the previous day.

    Throughout 2016, the company no suspects burning forests and land in Riau
Can the forest fires in Indonesia terminated?
Riau forest back burning, emergency standby applied

Riau Air Task Force report the concentration of hotspots in the province are found in Rokan Hilir, Bengkalis, and Kampar. Several helicopters and Air Tractor aircraft were deployed to extinguish the fire.However, according to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Head of Data Information
and Public Relations of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the
movement direction of the wind so powerful that the smog could be seen
in several places.
Image copyright Riau Air ForceImage caption land and forest fires continue to occur during July to
August 2016 in various places in Riau, such as in Kampar regency on
Saturday (27/8).
direction of the dominant winds in the atmosphere Riau moving from the
west and northwest to the east and southeast, which then around western
Singapore leads to the northeast.
This is the pattern of movement of the wind in the dry season in Riau
who always feared to bring the smoke from Riau to Singapore as the
current land and forest fires in 2013, 2014 and 2015, “said Sutopo.
Step lawIn addition to extinguish the fire, anticipated legal steps to ensure the perpetrators of burning forests and land penalized.Indradi, from Greenpeace environmental protection agency, says it is
time for the government to enforce the law so that land and forest fires
in previous years do not recur.
Throughout 2016, the Indonesian police have arrested 463 people suspected of burning forests and land. The number increased dramatically from 2015, ie 196 people.However, the increase does not apply to the company. So far, according to the Head of the Criminal Investigation Police
Headquarters, Ari Dono, only nine companies under investigation related
to land and forest fires this year.
In fact, last year, 25 companies were investigated. And that’s not yet clear development of all cases. Is
known only approximately 11 companies allegedly involved in carrying
out forest and land fires in Riau Province got SP3 or warrant
discontinuation of the investigation.

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