Mentawai is a surfer’s paradise,

3 Resorts in Mentawai Island Best for Surfer With Best View

This time I want to share about lodging / resorts with beautiful views in the Mentawai Islands.

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Again and again, surely Indonesia has many places that have natural beauty in every corner and which are rarely exposed. Not only Bali and Lombok, the Mentawai Islands are famous for their natural beauty and also the waves that are very challenging for surfers. Here are some choices of resorts with beautiful views in the Mentawai Islands:

01. Aloita Resert & Spa

Aloita Resort & Spa is located in Tuapejat, North Sipora, Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra. This resort provides private rooms that directly face the clear ocean. Rates for a night’s stay at Aloita Resort are around IDR 1.7 million. Well, what is famous at this resort is the friendly service and delicious food. The waves on Aloita beach are calmer so it is more suitable for swimming and snorkeling. So, do you like snorkeling? Aloita Resort is the solution 🙂

02. Kandui Beach Villas

Kandui Villas is one of the world-class luxury resorts on the Mantawai Islands. This resort is suitable for holidays with family, where this resort provides a Familiy Room with two large beds in each room.

This Kandui Resort is located on Karangmajat Island, in the Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra, adjacent to Air Manis Beach and Nirwana Beach. Well, at Kandui Resort this is no less beautiful than Aloita Resort, but at Kandui Resort it is perfect for you surfers. The waves are very challenging even the best in world class. The rate for staying at this resort is around IDR 7 million / night. In Kandui Resort, there is also a traditional Mentawai house, UMA, which you can visit without having to go to the village.

03. Macaronis Resort

For those of you who want to be alone and seek tranquility, this resort is perfect for you and also for surfers, where the waves are just as good as the Kandui Resort. Macaronis Resort is located in Silabu Village, North Pagai, Mentawai Islands.

Well, that’s the best lodging with beautiful views in the Mentawai Islands, not only 3, there are still many other beautiful places in the Mentawai Islands that are no less beautiful than Bali and Lombok and also the waves that are not inferior to Hawaii. 🙂

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