Welcome Sirandah Island the Most Beautiful Tourism in West Sumatra

Location of Sirandah IslandWhere is Sirandah Island? Sirandah island is Located in West Sumatra Province.Best Place to Visit in Indonesia, especially West Sumatra. Located around the Mandeh Island Islands, the location of Sirandah Island is close to Painan Pesisir Selatan.

 To reach Sirandah Island, 2 (two) lanes / roads can be reached:

    With SpeedBoat. from Muara Harbor, Padang Beach, from Pisang Beach or from Bungus. with prices that vary depending on distance. The cheapest of the ‘Pisang’ River, priced at 65,000, –
Through land. For
those who like to take the land route can use a car or 2-wheeled
motorized vehicle, depending on the conditions and the number of groups
that depart.
Fee for Entering Sirandah Island:

Price of OneDay Tour Swarna Dwipa Pamutus Sirandah Island Package:

1. Suwarnadwipa’s One day Trip+ Decision / Pulau Pagang / Pasumpahan Starting from 300 thousands / person 
2. Stay Package at SuwarnadwipaPackage fee Stay at Suwarnadwipa depending on the type of room selected:A. Stay in a Business Room from Rp. 600,000 / personB. Stay in cottages starting at IDR 650,000 / personC. Stay in the Backpaker Room starting at Rp.450,000 / person 

Noted:** Prices are adjusted based on the number of participants** Get special rates for Group / Corporate participants** For more info, please contact us

Info & Reservations: 

Call / WhatsApp: 0822-8410-7787
 Office: Jl. Dr. M. Hatta No. 11 Padang

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