Top 10 Place to Rent a Car in Padang West Sumatra Indonesia

Sewa atau rental mobil di Padang baik pakai jasa supir atau tanpa supir (lepas kunci) kini semakin mudah ditemukan guna menunjang keperluan perjalanan Anda. Biasanya untuk mereka yang membutuhkan transportasi darat untuk urusan dinas, wisata atau bisnis.Perlu diketahui, kota Padang adalah kota terbesar di pantai barat pulau sumatera sekaligus ibu kota dari provinsi Sumatera Barat Indonesia. […]

10 Best Place to Visit in Indonesia beside Bali

The National Monument, Jakarta The image of the Indonesian independence and liberty is located within the central a part of Djakarta – the monument. This beautiful sculpture rises at 132 meters height and is emblematic for town. there have been 3 stages of building the monument, whose style by Frederich Silaban was chosen among several […]

Top Best Resorts Hotels Villas and Accomodation in Bali Indonesia

The best luxury hotels in Bali are for those with a penchant for splurge and beyond the usual offerings of a hotel. Bali is home to among the best luxury hotels and most luxurious resorts in the world. But where should you stay to enjoy the best services, accommodation features and the highest level of […]

Hot News About Disaster Recently Happened in Bali Indonesia

Big rain that hit the region Bedugul, Tabanan, Bali, on Wednesday (21/12/2016) for eight hours from 12:00 pm until 20:00 pm causing flash floods and landslides. Flash floods occur in the Eka Karya Botanic Garden. Pura Teratai Bang in it down the flood-related damage. Temple is located in the northern region of the Botanical Garden […]

Best 10 Place Must Visit in Bali

Many people say that Bali is overrated, too touristy and not worth to visit. I guess it really all depends how you would enjoy Bali. Not only that it has been popular in it’s own right, with post eat, pray, love, is there still the Bali that started it all?Regardless, as time has passed, and […]

The List of Cheap Hotel in Bali

List of Cheap Hotels in BaliBali is a haven for local and foreign tourists. It causes a lot of hotels and restorant scattered in almost all corners of Bali.Hotels in Bali provide a wide range vasilitas, both international and vasilitas vasilitas somewhat secondary.  That’s why we will provide data on List Hotels in Bali in […]

Capital Execution on Bali Nine

Capital Execution on Bali NineIndonesia has executed eight prisoners who were sentenced to death for drug trafficking, including foreigners from Australia, Brazil, Nigeria and Ghana.The killings were carried out at 12.30am, local time, on the prison island of Nusa Kambangan off the coast of Java.Particularly the cases of Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, convicted […]

Welcome to Bali Indonesia

Bali Island is one of the famoust Island in the World, Located in Indonesia. It is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world with a lot of fascinations for tourist to come and see the cultures. Balinese Life, beautiful coast, mountain, hotels, villas, resort and others. It is a unique island which […]

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