Peta Rute ke Wisata Negeri di Atas Awan Citorek Lebak Banten

Negeri Diatas Awan Versi Citorek, Gunung Luhur. Datang dan Nikmati pesona alamnya, tetap jaga dan rawat lingkungan sekitar jangan buang sampah sembarangan. –  sebuah keindahan alam yang mempesona, negeri diatas awan. ya itu Gunung Luhur. – Gunung Luhur ada dimana? Gunung Luhur terletak di Desa Citorek Kidul, Kecamatan Cibeber, Kabupaten Lebak, Provinsi Banten. Jarak dari […]

Pulau Suwarnadwipa Island Padang West Sumatera Barat

Pulau Suwarnadwipa Island Pulau Emas di Padang Sumatera Barat Pulau Suwarnadwipa / Pulau Emas adalah sebuah nama pantai dari sebuah tempat wisata penginapan pantai yang bernama “Suwarnadwipa Beach & Resort”. letaknya di pesisir sebelah Selatan kota Padang bagian Barat Pantai Sumatera. Pulau Emas ini mempunyai perairan yang sangat tenang dengan air yang sangat jernih. Posisinya […]

Jembatan Kelok 9 New Destination Travel West Sumatra Indonesia

Who ever go to Padang West Sumatra, especially west Sumatra Padang Bukittinggi Payakumbuh Lima Puluh Kota, knows Kelok 9, it located at near Harau PayakumbuhWest Sumatra. Kelok 9 is not final destination, but you have to visit if going to Payakumbuh Lima Puluh Kota like Lembah Harau Valley, or Ngalau. It just a few minutes […]

Travel Story in Padang West Sumatra Indonesia

Prior to the date of 12 November 2012 yesterday, I wanted to make a confession that I have never set foot on the island of Sumatra in my life. Yeah, I’ve been 24 years old and will be 25 years old next year, and nearly a quarter of a century, I have never been to […]

Highclass Nightlife in Bali Parties Girls Bar and Pub

Nightlife – Party, Bars & Clubbing Getting Ready for the Night Every night of the week, visitors and local residents hit Bali’s many pubs, clubs, and beach clubs bars. Low-key spots, with affordable drinks let you unwind and make new friends, while upscale bars and pubs attract you with delicious cocktails, imported beers, fantastic food, […]

New Destination to VIsit in Bali Indonesia

What’s Bali’s Hottest New Destination? Bedugul is growing up. We discovered some beautiful new attractions on our recent trip that will change the way we enjoy Bedugul forever. Not only will you love it, you might also learn something. Secret Garden Village This Secret should not be kept. A little trip to Bedugul revealed this […]

7 Best Destinations in Indonesia For New Year Together with friends

7 Terseru Destinations in Indonesia For New Year Together with friendsMonday, November 16, 2015December soon arrived as well as the year-end holidays and the new year! Then with whom you will be celebrating your New Year’s Eve? If you will miss out with friends, 7 destinations in Indonesia late terseru Skyscanner this option could provide […]

13 Destination to Visit in Padang West Sumatra Indonesia

Exciting holiday will be experienced if you visit the tourist attractions are spread throughout Padang and West Sumatra in general. There are many interesting tourist objects that you can visit here. Popularity this place most have sounded to foreign countries. Even one of the world famous movie player, has a villa in the famous exotic […]

New Place Destination to Visit in Padang

Pulau Emas, New Place/Destination to Visit in Padang Pulau Emas atau Golden Island is a name of a resort beach beach inn named “Suwarnadwipa Beach & Resort”. located in the southern coastal city of Padang parts of the West Coast of Sumatra. a new destination in West Sumatra, here you will feel different sensations that […]

Wisata Pulau Emas Golden Island Suwarnadwipa West Sumatra

Suwarna Dwipa Island Sirandah Island

Wisata Pulau Emas Golden Island Suwarnadwipa West Sumatra Swarnadwipa Gold Island, located in the province of West Sumatra. Precisely in the southern coastal city of Padang parts of the West Coast of West Sumatra. The nickname was attached because it is in a very strategic location, has a very calm waters with very clear water […]

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